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Big Brother 15 Racist Video – Amanda Zuckerman

Here’s a video of some of the racial slurs of Amanda Zuckerman on Big Brother 15. Will she be the next houseguest to be fired in real life? (She’s a real estate agent in Florida).

Big Brother 15 Racist Video - Amanda Zuckerman

Big Brother 15 Racist Video – Amanda Zuckerman

Some things Amanda says:

– Cutting a fellow houseguest’s throat and raping her limp body
– Puerto Ricans don’t shower and smell bad
– She was disgusted when a black houseguest wore her bandana on her “greasy-ass, nappy-hair head”
– She said a black houseguest probably tasted like cocoa and watermelon
– She also said an Asian houseguest probably tasted like won ton soup and egg rolls
– Repeatedly refers to a gay houseguest as queer, fairy, faggedy ann/andy, and kermit the fag
– Talks about knocking another houseguest’s teeth out to give someone better oral sex
– Refers to another houseguest as talking “like she has fucking autism” and calls her retarded countless times
– Says she wants to kill another houseguest with a sharpened butter knife

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