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Big Brother 15 – Howard Breakdown – Video

Succumbing to the pressures of an intense day on Big Brother 15, Howard breaks down in the Have Nots Room.

Earlier in the day, Howard and Spencer were scrambling to keep their game afloat as they saw the writing on the wall that the house was going to flip and they weren’t part of it. (They were playing both sides — and the side they did not pick was about to evict Nick out).

After the vote, Howard and Spencer went into damage control trying to pin the fourth vote against Elissa on Jessie. (Howard voted to evict Elissa). Howard and Spencer had been lying to the majority for a couple of hours.

Later in the night, GinaMarie and Aaryn fought Candice again along racial lines which Howard was witness to again. He carried her off and consoled her for a long time in the Have Nots Room. When Candice went up to the HOH Room, Howard broke down. He had to be called to the DR.

It’s now gotten so intense in the Big Brother House. The racists are no longer in power, but they are creating as much damage as they can to everyone including themselves!

As for Howard and Spencer’s game — Howard was still lying to Helen in the HOH this morning. However, they all know that either Howard or Spencer cast that fourth vote for Elissa, so these two are just digging a deeper hole for themselves in their attempts of “damage control.” Both of them are not good players. They would have been better off not splitting the vote — and just owning up to it now, instead of lying.

Big Brother 15 – Howard Breakdown

Big Brother 15 – Howard Breakdown

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