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Big Brother 15 – HOH Competition Cheating? – Video

Big Brother 15 fans are up in arms tonight for what look like cheating during the Head of Household competition.

Jeremy and Aaryn are seen switching cups instead of pouring the barbecue sauce from one cup to another.

This season is a mess. First the rampant racist comments on the live feeds which has now resulted in two houseguests getting fired from their jobs in real life (Aaryn and GinaMarie) — and now this. Thank you CBS casting director. These guys suck.

Watch the video to see for yourself!

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i thought they also got an 1 min penalty?


If anything Kaitlyn and Amanda tried to 8:52 on the feeds kaitlyn said her and amanda traded cups and they got a 1min penalty. Jeremy didnt admit anything. 


They didn't you can see her holding the cup in her left hand the whole time. Listen 9:33 on the feeds cam 1. She explains what they were doing.