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Big Brother 15 – CBS adds disclaimer to live feeds in response to racist houseguests

CBS has added a disclaimer to the Big Brother 15 live feeds after racist comments by multiple Houseguests have taken over national headlines.

The season is entering its third week and obviously the only reason CBS has added it now is to cover their corporate interests.

The “racist Houseguest” storyline has taken a life of its own with multiple Houseguests already fired from their jobs in real life — and it will continue for as long as Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer and Jeremy are still in the house.

There were already some racially-charged outbursts on Thursday night, just a day before CBS added the disclaimer.

The disclaimer reads:

BIG BROTHER is a reality show about a group of people with no privacy 24/7. At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised.

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