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Big Brother 15 – Bedgate 2013 – GinaMarie and Aaryn vs. Candice and Jessie – Video

Here’s the video of Big Brother 15 Bedgate™! After losing power this week, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Germery invade the bed of Jessie and Judd.

Aaryn flipped Candice’s bed over.

Jessie resolved to get her bed back from Kaitlin and Germery by going down quickly after Helen’s HOH Room reveal. Kaitlin and Germery come back and taunt Jessie into giving it to them.

Candice comes down too and discovers that her bed was flipped. She goes up and calls Howard (and Judd) for support. When she comes back, she fights with Aaryn and GinaMarie, with both of them demonstrating their racists selves. Aaryn mocked Candice and GinaMarie taunted Candice about her “white half” and “black half”.


Howard carried Candice out to safety!

Note: CrayMarie™ fought Candice btw in between bouts of sobbing for the love of her life Nick.

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