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Big Brother 15 – Racist Aaryn vs. Amanda Fight – Video

This is one of the best moments from the epic live feed from the Big Brother 15 last night. Amanda reveals that Aaryn is being portrayed as a racist outside the house — and yet Aaryn is in total denial.

Amanda comes to Jessie’s rescue as Aaryn and her alliance bully her downstairs. She ends up revealing all the secrets of Aaryn’s alliance to her face — in one of the most epic moments in Big Brother history. She tells Aaryn that she is being portrayed as a racist outside the house which rattles Aaryn (though she is in denial in this video).

Later, she ends up crying as she realizes that what Amanda said could be true — and if it was, she’s f-cked.

Well… it is true, and she is already f-cked! She was already fired from her modeling job and she is the face of racism of America right now (just after Paula Deen and ahead of fellow houseguests GinaMarie and Spencer). (Her alliance-mates are the co-faces of bullying as well). I can’t wait until she learns that she has been national news for two weeks and counting for all the wrong reasons. There is no saving grace.

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