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Big Brother 14 – Winner Results – Live Blog – 09/19/2012

And the winner of Big Brother 14 is…

The Final HOH is settled and the jury decides who is the winner!


HOH Competition

Part 1 winner: Dan

Part 2 winner: Ian

Big Brother 14  Winner Results  Live Blog

Danielle is out of the running.

Big Brother 14 Final HOH

Part 3 winner: Ian!

Ian is the Final Head of Household!!! OMG OMG OMG

Please make the right decision Ian!


Ian votes off Danielle.

OMG was this the right decision?

Jury Questions

Ian stood his ground against Dan! It looks like a lot of the jury members are “mad” at Dan.

“I played a slightly less dirty game,” said Ian.


Ian pretty much said “I controlled my own destiny.”

Dan tries his mist. He said he was forced to play a “ruthless game.”

Jury Votes

Ashley votes for Ian
Britney votes for Ian
Frank votes for Ian
Joe votes for Ian
Jenn votes for Ian
Shane votes for Ian
Danielle votes for Dan

Ian is the winner of Big Brother 14!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! YES!!!!!!

Ian wins $500,000

Dan wins $50,000

America’s Favorite Houseguest


He wins $25,000

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Got Something to Add?


So glad Frank doesnt leave the BB House empty handed.... and also, i am very happy for Ian for his win.... yes, i agree Dan is a great player but he crossed the line when he lied to Frank swearing on his Bible.


YYYYAAAAYY!! great winner!!!!! frank AC ??s what a JOKE!!


Dan played a good game this season, hands down the best game, and I would say he is one of the best player of this game ever, but my heart was rooting for Ian to win... I would have been happy either way though... And jury was so bitter, except for Britney... Danielle surprised me that she voted for Dan...

Belinda Brown
Belinda Brown

Not who I wanted to win but really couldn't go wrong with either...


@rickey Couldn't have been that big of a surprise. You knew all that backstabbing would backfire. #BigBrother

Rickey moderator

@sportslovin The problem with how Dan played the game is that it is very hard to win even if you get yourself to the end because your social game is ruined. His only hope was to be beside someone who had a worse social game than him. But the amount of anger towards him was too great that even Danielle would have won against him.


@Rickey I agree... I think he also miscalculated how bitter/angry people would be towards him... I was thinking it would have been 4-3... I think he might have a better chance if he went with Danielle... Also, loved Willie's bit on how you can blame yourself for believing the lie...