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Big Brother 14 – Results – Eviction and HOH – 08/30/2012

Here are the results of Big Brother 14 this week for August 30, 2012.

Who got evicted? Who is the new HOH?


HOH – Frank

Nominated for Eviction – Britney and Danielle

Big Brother 14  Results  Eviction and HOH  08 30 2012

Big Brother 14  Results  Eviction and HOH


Dan votes to evict Britney
Jenn votes to evict Britney
Ian votes to evict Danielle
Shane votes to evict Britney
Joe votes to evict Britney

Britney is evicted from the Big Brother house! Dan’s comeback is complete.

Head of Household Competition

“Soak Up The Sun”


Please check back later for the results.

America Votes: #bbPunish for the first person who drops out.

Joe dropped out before the show ended.

Jenn followed him soon afterward.

Danielle is out.

Dan is out.

Update: Ian is cracking jokes while Shane struggles to hold on.

Shane makes a deal with Ian to keep Shane and Danielle safe. Shane jumps off.

Ian is the new HOH! Woohoo! Congratulations!

HOH Results

Notes: I have a feeling it’s going to be Ian vs. Frank for the entire week!

Joe’s punishment is “hulahoop bootcamp” (?)

Go Ian! You can do this!

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