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Big Brother 13 – America’s Vote – Returning Houseguest Spoiler

Big Brother 13 America s Vote Spoiler 02 2011 08 03

Big Brother 13 America s Vote Spoiler 01 2011 08 03

Rumors have been swirling all week since Dominic Briones was evicted from the Big Brother 13 house that a player might return to the house. Even the houseguest are talking about it. Well, now we have proof!

Someone from goofed and posted a poll for America’s Vote tonight which asks who America wants to come back to the house.

The choices are: Cassi, Dominic, Keith and Brendon!

The text also says: America’s chosen houseguest will compete against the next evicted houseguest for a chance to return to the house! OMG! This could be a game changer.

I think this poll is legit and was scheduled for tomorrow. It has since been pulled from

I am so excited! Let’s vote for Dominic!!!

Vote to Bring Back Dominic!

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