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Big Brother 12 – Eviction Nominations + POV Spoiler

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Big Brother 12 nominations!

So Matt won HOH and decided inexplicably to nominate: Andrew and Kathy. Apparently, he was looking into a “backdoor opportunity” to evict Brendon or Rachel. Hmmm… But really, obviously it was to appease Ragan (that’s what I gathered from the spoilers last week).

Nevertheless, it looked like Matt had personal beef with Kathy who was the other person who voted for him last week. Kathy is his target? Really?


Brendon won the POV. So… the will nominations stay (we hope).

Interesting how the “diabolical genius” has targeted the floaters first.

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Poor andrew
i don’t think he should go home


I am not sure if you watch the live feeds, but Matt's logic in targeting Kathy is simply that she is a vote against Matt and the Brogade. Rachel and Brendan promised Matt safety next week if they are not put up, and hopefully it is a promise that they stick to. Also, Brendan and Rachel bought into Matt's lie about his wife, and both have been on record stating that they would vote for Matt to win the game if both end up in the Jury House.

Kathy would never vote for Matt because she claims that she "will vote only for good people," and her vote against Matt last week may possibly mean that she does not consider Matt one of these "good people." Also, Kathy has been scrambling nonstop since she was put on the block. She even threw Rachel under the bus to Kristen in an effort to try to win over her vote. Kathy then went and threw Kristen under the bus to Rachel, and it has come to a point where Kristen says she will nominate Brendan/Rachel if she wins HoH and Rachel will nominate Hayden/Kristen if Rachel wins HoH.

Matt's logic may seem a bit flawed, but it is clear that he is trying to stir up the pot so that he can stack the Jury House in his favor. He may claim allegiance to the Brogade, but it is rather clear that his true allegiance is with himself. Matt will do whatever it may take to further his game in the house, even if it may not be in best interest of the Brogade. Is it an odd choice? Absolutely, but there will be time in subsequent weeks to eliminate Brendan and Rachel.

TLDR: Kathy may never win any competitions, but she is still a vote against Matt and the Brogade. Eliminating a floater before Jury House ensures that she will not cruise through the game until the finals. With her back against the wall, Kathy is doing whatever she can to win votes to stay, even if that means turning members of her alliance against each other. In a worst case scenario where a member of the Brogade is not HoH, the target will not be on their backs because people will use their HoH to quell the infighting between alliances.