Beyonce – Year of 4 – Video

Beyonce  Year of 4  Video

Watch Beyonce ‘Year of 4′ – a mini documentary on the making of her latest album 4. Looks like Beyonce is going to have a big debut on this album even if she didn’t have a hit single.

Download: Beyonce – 4

Watch the video here:

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Marie Ruffin
Marie Ruffin

I love Beyonce because of her spirit. She sets the bar for hard work in the music industry. But damn if she doesn't seem like she's morphing into Tina Turner with the hair and the costumes. (LOL) She's taking a big step, something that will inspire other women....she's becoming a mini-Oprah and I wish her the best.
Those video shoots cost $ can tell she spent a lot of money, whew!
Thanks for this, it may be my first Beyonce CD purchase.


Best album after Adele's 21 of 2011! Proud of what she's done with this album.

Marie Ruffin
Marie Ruffin

Just downloaded the CD and it is great. Her voice is the best it's ever been.