Ben & Jerry’s To Unveil New Flavor: Schweddy Balls

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer let slip that Ben & Jerry’s plans to unveil Schweddy Balls.

From NY1:

“It was a very popular sketch while I was on the show, but Alec has become such a huge star since, and he’s actually told me that of all the things he’s ever done in his career, the schwetty balls is the thing that has resonated,” said Gasteyer.

This came through when Gasteyer sang the national anthem at a White Sox game a few years back.

“Somebody yelled out from the crowd ‘schwetty balls,’” said Gasteyer. “It has this crazy, massive popularity that’s kind of had a half life since I left the show. Ben and Jerry’s is coming out with a schwetty balls ice cream for Christmas this year.”

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