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Ben Briley – American Idol 2014 – Bennie and the Jets – Video

Ben Briley - American Idol 2014 - Bennie and the Jets (FOX)

Ben Briley – American Idol 2014 – Bennie and the Jets (FOX)

Ben Briley sang “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John on American Idol XIII 2014 Season 13 Top 11.

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He said that he grew up with Elton John and he loved his music. But he’s not seen the movie… “27 Dresses”.

Performance Video

Ben plays the piano on this one and cleans up good in his green jacket. I like Ben! His facial expressions were precious. He’s like your single uncle who always sings during family parties. He kinda lost me on the falsetto though.

My Rating: 3 / 5 stars

MP3 Listen and Download

You should follow @rickey for the temporary MP3 download link at the end of the show.

Judges Comments

Judge Critique
Keith Urban Keith Urban: I’m a little confused too. I don’t feel it’s authentic.
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez: I’m a little bit confused because you were so country last week. I thought it was a good vocal performance.
Harry Connick Jr. Harry Connick Jr.: I felt like you really needed to pound the piano. It was sort of pointless. I don’t know if we’ve really heard the real Ben.

After the performance, Ryan Seacrest invited Harry Connick to “pound the piano”.

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I like Ben but this came off as.. lounge-ish. Harry is right, where's the fire? Just meh...


this song will always belong to queen Haley.