The Bachelor – Juan Pablo Galavis Sings One Direction – Video

We’re barely three days removed from the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor, in which Juan Pablo Galavis began his search for love among the cast of over two dozen women.

But Juan Pablo seems unfazed by all the attention. Instead, he’s apparently far more interested in crooning One Direction tunes. The Bachelor hunk posted a video to Instagram in which he sings 1D’s “Story of My Life”. Well, “singing” probably isn’t the right word for what he does, as he goes for the Harry Styles notes, realizes he isn’t going to hit’em, and settles for lip-syncing. You can watch the full video below via Instagram:

Well, at least the video isn’t entirely pointless: for one, I can now welcome Juan Pablo to the Official Club of Gruff, Needlessly Messy Facial Hair. But even with that positive comes a huge negative: Seriously, man, I like “Story of My Life” too, but you have a daughter! Why the hell are you on instagram while driving?! Even without hurting yourself, you could have hurt someone else! I mean, sheesh, why is this so hard for people to understand? Put the damn phone away! Instagram will survive without you for the five minutes it’ll take to drive to the five-and-dime. For crying out loud. [Rant over]

The Bachelor - Juan Pablo Galavis Sings One Direction - Video

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