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Baby born to Romanian girl, 10, in Spain


Wow! This is crazy, for sure. Even moreso insane that the birth father is believed to be 13…could you even imagine?

A 10-year-old girl from Romania has given birth in southern Spain, officials in the region have said.

The girl gave birth to a daughter last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Andalucia’s social affairs minister Micaela Navarro.

Officials are deciding whether the mother and her family can keep custody, Ms Navarro said.

The father of the baby is also believed to be a minor, aged 13, who is still in Romania, Spanish media have said.

“What we have to ensure is that both the mother, who in this case is a minor as well, and the baby are absolutely taken care of,” said Ms Navarro.

“If they can be well cared for, they can stay with the family,” she said.

The baby’s grandmother, who is a Roma gypsy, was photographed in Spanish newspapers smiling outside the family’s modest block of flats in the town of Lebrija, AFP reports.

Her 10-year-old daughter is reported to have moved to Spain from Romania just three weeks ago.

The woman, identified only as Olimpia, was quoted as saying that the mother was “very well, like the daughter, who is very well and very pretty”.

According to the Andalucia daily, Diario de Jerez, which first reported the story, the grandmother could not understand the wide level of interest in the case as “this is the age we get married in Romania”.

The latest statistics show that 177 girls under the age of 15 gave birth in Spain in 2008.


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Why can't you romanians just stay in your own country? No wonder you get beaten up and hated in other countries. Your people are the worst people on earth! All you bring is crime? Ever heard of any romanian helping out in the communty or doing a good job? NO


Hello lianna0048, allow me to clarify something for you: there is a place, across the pond, called Europe - you might have heard of it. After WWII, probably being motivated by the success of the USA, as well as its ally status, the folks in Europe decided to apply 'policy transfer' and tried to prevent another war from happening through unity, therefore they started a long economical, political and diplomatic process to create the European Union, an idea older that USA itself. Nowadays, the Union comprises 27 states and about 500 mil inhabitants. One of the rights of the EU citizens it's free traveling and settling anywhere across the Union - Romania is a member of that Union and its citizens enjoy that right. Now, to shortly answer your question: no, she is not an illegal immigrant!
Nevertheless, I am sure that google or bing would have helped you understand that a whole lot better than I did (if I did), but then again: 'ignorance is bliss'..


Hey Luikero, YOU made it a mess yourslef - try to picture facts as they really are: the girl only has Romanian citizenship, as she is a Gypsy/Rroma ethnic, and for them having babies at that age is customary - see for yourselves: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101103/ap_on_re_eu/eu_spain_child_mother ! What if Romania would have forcefully tried to prevent the gypsies to follow their customs - what food for your sick thoughts you would have received then? There is actually a law enforced in order to protect youngsters from such abominations, but what can be done when their own parents encourage that and flee the country afterwards?
Moreover, 'extreme poverty, prostitution and hormones making people crazy' should not be singled out as the country's characteristics, given their world wider and wider spread..

When being fair to others, you are actually fair to yourself - how about trying that for a change?!


Romania is SUCH a mess!! So many sad things in there, extreme poverty, prostitution and now 10 & 13 yo. kids having sex! Well, it is not about the age but the hormones that make you crazy when you go to puberty.

Rickey, the child isn't a miracle - puberty comes when it comes - I had a very early one, having pubes at ten.

Ok lol now you will see me totally differently :D


Why was she in Spain? Illegal immigrant?