Awkward. – Recap: Goodbye, Kitty! Hello, Niall!

Episode 9 of Season 3 of Awkward. saw Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) stretching her skills as a fictional writer. As it turned out, Hamilton might have a bit of a career brewing in quirky romance novels surrounding coffee shop dates and espresso fueled lust. Of course, poor Matty McKibbin (Beau Mirchoff) is finding it harder and harder to fulfill his girl, though he’s completely oblivious to his own struggles. I mean, it seems like as the episodes pass by, Jenna finds one reason after another to fall out of love with Matty, only to watch the dude effortlessly thwart her attempts at writing him off. Did you catch my pun, there? I don’t promise that they’re all good. Meanwhile, Collin (Nolan Funk) continued to turn up his particular brand of schmoozing charm. Sadie Saxton (Molly Tarlov) couldn’t have been the only to one to notice the blatant displays of flirtatiousness, right? I mean, at one point the guy was on one knee in the middle of creative writing class, plucking an eyelash from Hamilton’s cheek. Make a wish. Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) chooses Niall Horan of One Direction fame. Ming (Jessica Lu) chooses to eliminate Becca (Jessika Van) aka Hello Kitty. Ooh, Becca’s actress spells her name with an edgy “k.” What does it all mean? Let’s start the Recap and Review of “Reality Check”!

MTV "Awkward."

MTV “Awkward.”

The episode opened with a sufficiently awkward booty call between Hamilton and McKibbin. Jenna had done the dialing, but Matty was the eager beaver. Unfortunately, all of Jenna’s thoughts seemed to draw her to Collin, who’d discovered the key to her heart through fawning over talent as a writer. Matty, on the other hand, is a slow reader. The sex was amazing, but only because Jenna gave in to her fantasy. At school the next day, she turned to her besties for advice. Is it okay to fantasize about other guys when you’re in a relationship? Ming attempted to keep up the façade with her beard, Henry, so she denied ever drumming up thoughts of another, if only to keep Becca, aka Hello Kitty, at bay. Tamara, on the other hand, recalled her perfect fictitious romance with soul mate Niall and his smooth chest. Rosati (Brett Davern) only popped in for a quick blink-and-you-missed-it moment this week, getting shooed away by Tamara for fear of witnessing “tampon talk” among the ladies. In reality, he could never handle her celebrity crush. Boys are too sensitive.

You would have thought Jenna’s time in creative writing class with Mr. Hart (Anthony Michael Hall) would have been smooth sailing following her epic public blog reading on the episode prior. Instead, he seemed to be going even harder this week. Following her brave attempt at impressing the dictator, the entire class was assigned the task of writing a piece about “their first.” Everyone’s mind seemed to jump to sex, creeping Sadie the hell out.  True, the man only seems to give good grades to papers on under-aged sexual exploits. Sadie chose to write about the first time she was forced to shop retail. In her eyes, it was the equivalent of prison rape, anyway.

MTV "Awkward."

MTV “Awkward.”

Because Jenna had already essentially completed the assignment well, Mr. Hart assigned her something a little more challenging; the task of rewriting her “first” experience in fantasy form. There he was, Collin, grinning like the damn Cheshire Cat. Hamilton seemed like a goner, especially after Matty had admitted to never reading her blog post-class at his locker. She shouldn’t have taken it personally, but she did. Jenna’s writing work is important to her. Whether she realizes it or not, I think the driving force behind her attraction to Collin is that he recognizes her talent. Even if Matty had invested some time at all in reading her writing, he doesn’t have the right creative mind to appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all… or so it seemed.

Jenna found herself with a serious case of writer’s block. Rewriting her Camp Pookah sexcapades with Matty seemed boring and uninspired. It was only when she allowed images of Collin to creep in that she started to find a little passion. Still, she refused to give in. That is, until Collin himself helped her out the next afternoon in the courtyard, reciting some off-the-cuff lines that sounded straight out of 50 Shades of Grey. Jenna’s muse might have taken the episode off, but Collin sure stepped in to save the day. Jenna wrote her assignment effortlessly, choosing to leave the boy in the story anonymous.

MTV "Awkward."

MTV “Awkward.”

Sadie’s paper might have scored her a solid grade, but Jenna’s earned her an “A”! Collin had planted the seeds, but Jenna had finally found it in herself to relax and let her fingers type away. Still, it wouldn’t all be smooth sailing. Sadie caught one too many glimpses of Collin’s outright and obvious attempts to woo Jenna, alerting her to the true subject of Hamilton’s paper. We know Sadie at this point. She toyed with Jenna a bit before getting frank with Matty and pressuring him to look into reading Jenna’s grade-A work.

Jenna also managed to score some sage advice form her unconventional folks. Lacey (Nikki Deloach) and Kevin (Mike Faiola) admitted to having “celebrity sandwich” fantasies. Meaning, honest thoughts about movie stars they wouldn’t mind finding themselves caught in the middle of. Where would their relationship be without a harmless fantasy or two? Of course, Jenna failed to see the difference between her fantasy and those of her friends and family. Jenna’s faux romance surrounds a very real and active threat to her relationship with Matty. Sorry, Tamara, but Niall Horan is busy.

Meanwhile, Ming’s battle with Becca had come to a head. Her beard, Henry, had been discovered, and Becca made it a point to have Fred Wu framed for a cheating scandal at his new school, shipping him off to live with relatives in Idaho. Becca christened the end of their feud, otherwise known at the cataclysmic destruction of Ming’s life, with a Judas kiss on the lips(!); however, said kiss of death had the opposite effect on our favorite Awkward. asian.

I’d rather take my chances with Becca than move to Idaho.

And so, she did. Embracing her inner “white girl,” Ming slugged Becca across the face in the middle of the school hallway. One shot, and Becca was sleeping on the tile floor. Jenna was inspired by Ming’s attempt to take the reins and control her own life.

MTV "Awkward."

MTV “Awkward.”

Ming landed herself, along with Becca, in Val’s (Desi Lydic) office to discuss the ordeal. Becca attempted to get Ming expelled and sent to juvenile hall, while Ming pleaded with Val to believe her when it came to Becca’s passive-aggressive and utterly hilarious heinous ways. Becca even attempted to look naive by claiming to not own a “cellular phone.”

Cell. No one says cellular.

Oh, Val. I’m not sure I’ve ever loved you more. Honestly, Ming didn’t have to say anything in her own defense. Val had countless affidavits from students claiming Becca had walked into a door. Ming had overthrown the head of the Asian Mafia, and her new supporters bowed down to her bravery while Becca screamed in the wake of her defeat.

Goodbye, Kitty

Wait, we aren’t actually losing Becca, correct?

Jenna decided to take matters into her own hands. After witnessing Collin kissing his girlfriend in the front seat of her convertible, Hamilton decided to woman-up and hand Matty her paper to read. Her fantasy was quite obviously not her reality. After a period of deafening silence, Jenna got a very short and terse call from Matty, commanding her to pay him a visit at his place. Bracing herself for a breakup, Jenna was completely caught off guard by Matty’s gesture. He recreated her fantasy night in his own bedroom, giving her the “first” she’d always dreamed of. As she put it, her fantasy had leapt off the page of her assignment and into her reality… for now, at least.


What did you think of Awkward. Season 3 Episode 9, “Reality Check”? Do you see Matty and Jenna spiraling out of control, or can Jenna get a grip on this relationship before it’s too late? Having said that, do you want to see Jenna give (a single) Collin a go? Are you happy that Ming toppled Becca, or do you like your Asian Mafia kept in tip-top shape? Do you think this means it’s curtains for Becca? (I seriously hope not.)

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Awkward. Season 3 Episode 9, “Reality Check”!

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