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Austin Corini – Wanted – The X Factor

Austin Corini auditions with “Wanted” on The X Factor.

This was amazing! I love his natural hair! He’s the next Justin Bieber!!! WOW.

The talent on The X Factor this season is just world class. It’s so difficult to choose who to root for.

Watch the video here:

Austin Corini  Wanted  The X Factor

Austin Corini – Wanted – The X Factor

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Austin Corini auditions with Wanted on The X Factor

From YouTube:

16-year-old Austin Corini signs autographs backstage for two smitten girls and then wows the judges with Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted.” “I love your hair. I think you’re very cute. I loved it,” said Britney. “You’re so cute,” said Demi, who also saw the sparkle in his eyes. L.A. thought he was adorable as well, but felt like he’s seen a kid like him 25 times. Simon said he needs to be remembered for his voice and not his hair and needs to take some vocal lessons. That said, they all gave Austin a shot.

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