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Audra McLaughlin – The Voice 2014 – Angel From Montgomery – Video

Audra McLaughlin sang “Angel From Montgomery” on The Voice 2014 Season 6 Blind Auditions.


Audra had a learning disability and was put into special classes when she was young. She is now studying to be a medical assistant. And she’s getting a 3.5 GPA. Nice. She’s “giving back” now to other kids since when she was young she was the one who needed help in school.

A former victim of bullying, Audra is very involved with anti-bullying campaigns and has performed at several charity events.

Performance Video

Audra is so pretty! Plus she sounded amazing. 4 chairs for her. Adam Levine really wanted this.

My Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Download MP3: Angel From Montgomery

The Coaches

Coach Push Sales Pitch
Adam Levine Push Adam Levine: I was more overjoyed because you are beautiful.
Shakira Push Shakira: You’re the one I’m waiting for (Adam interrupts). Your voice is out of this world.
Usher Push Usher: I want the world to recognize you for the immaculate voice that you have.
Blake Shelton Push Blake Shelton: You’re damn right I’m gonna play the wife card so shutup (to Adam). You know the fireworks that go up — it says “Team Blake”.
Audra McLaughlin  (The Voice NBC)

Audra McLaughlin (The Voice NBC)


Team Blake Shelton

After what looked like a lock for Adam who was struggling to win artist all night, Audra makes a choice.

Audra McLaughlin chooses:

I think Blake totally stole her from Adam with his sales pitch. Nice one Blake. The fireworks worked!

Follow Audra on Twitter at @AudraLynn21

Download MP3: Angel From Montgomery

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Blake's team just got stronger after this episode.


she kinda reminded me of Carrie Underwood for some reason.