Ask Anderson – What’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

Ask Anderson  What s Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Is your part of the world Anderson Cooper’s favorite vacation spot? Looks like he has a soft spot for Italy! But I’m happy he like South East Asia (go Asians!) And Brazil!

From YouTube:

Anderson says he’s “not very good at vacations,” but answers @ReinWerle, “Hey Anderson, when off the job, what is your favorite place to vacation? Adventure or relaxation? :)”

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  villas in costa brava
villas in costa brava

I'm totally agree with your choice..i also like this place..this is really so nice place,I'm proudly say that it's my favorite place where i always want to go...  

Chonna - Aspen Vacation Rentals
Chonna - Aspen Vacation Rentals

Though i do agree that Italy is amazing, I would definitely have to choose Aspen in America my favorite holiday vacation. The snow and the crisp fresh air makes me the happiest I've ever been!