Arrow – Season 1 Episode 15 – Recap and Review – Dodger

Just like that, Colton Haynes returned to our televisions on Arrow tonight, ready and willing to put his grade-A sneering and snarky snarling to good use. The titular villain of “Dodger,” when forced to face off with the titular hero of the series, wasn’t really much of a match. If you’re best weapons are an electroshock nightstick and a hurled exploding dog collar, you best not mess with “Hood Guy.” This episode was all about the introduction of one Mr. Roy Harper!

The episode opened with Dodger showing us how he operates. Basically, he attaches a bomb collar to the necks of innocent hostages and forces them to carry out his biddings. He manipulated a security guard monitoring a rare ruby-esque jewel into swiping it out from under the noses of his fellow team members. What do you know? Dodger is a man of his word. You’re free to go after a shock-induced nap, ginger who snatched the ruby.

Do you think Oliver (Stephen Amell) hyped up his workout regime this week due to a fresh pair of eyes focusing in? Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) caught her first glimpse of Ollie’s intensive practice sessions, while Diggle (David Ramsey) watched on yet again… *ZzZ*. How many exercise routines do you think Diggle sat through completely fascinated before things became run of the mill within the basement of Arrow Headquarters? Oliver had been planning on taking down the next name on the list, but after having performed some careful research of her own, Felicity was not comfortable with letting him continue. She overrode the system and locked Ollie inside. Apparently, the man being targeted was a widower and the father of a ten-year-old boy. After getting snapped at by the Team Captain, Felicity stormed out. She’d only signed up in the first place to help rescue Walter, not to go above the law in punishing the men on Oliver’s list. If this were a reality show, she’d have left us off with, “I’m not here to make friends!”

Moira (Susanna Thompson) is probably not so bad after all, when push comes to shove, huh? After speaking with a man involved in this “Undertaking” nonsense, a man named Frank whom her husband had trusted, we began to learn that Moira Queen does indeed want out of that freak show. Frank, hesitant at first, was convinced to join her once Moira brought up the fact that the original plan was to “cure” The Glades, not demolish it. Having initially joined the project in the name of his daughter, whom I’m assuming is six feet under, he realized that he too had lost track of the mission. Later, Frank would score Moira “a meeting,” but she had one more request to make. She wanted information surrounding Walter’s specific whereabouts for fear of getting him harmed in the process of escaping from them team.

After cornering Felicity in her office, apologizing for his chastising her, and revealing that the man he’d targeted was very cooperative, she hopped back on board. After all, he doesn’t only target the men on the list, once in a while a super-villain rolls into town. Lucky him, he had the perfect example on his hands with The Dodger. News had broken that the crook had murdered a fence he’d been using to pawn the jewel he’d stolen. The man wasn’t very easy to work with, as we’d witnessed personally.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

The dynamic duo dragged Felicity along to one of their diner dishing sessions. It’s just like Sex and the City, only instead of gossiping about, like, shoes, they gab about super-villains and armed robberies. Throw a girl into the mix, and suddenly Diggle and Oliver are forced to put their dating game to the test. Diggle had been eyeing his deceased brother’s ex since the start of the series, and Oliver hadn’t stopped blabbing on about McKenna (Janina Gavankar) since she’d helped him bag The Count. While Diggle was preoccupied for about half a minute, getting a resounding “yes” to his date offer, Felicity and Oliver melded minds and came up with a scheme to bug McKenna’s work phone in order to gain any intel she would become privy to. Later, Oliver awkwardly smooth-talked his way into his own dinner date with McKenna, and he managed to snag a free moment to slip Felicity’s chip into her device.

Thea (Willa Holland) seemed as though she was enjoying her first trip to The Glades, as Laurel (Katie Cassidy) explained the point behind the firm she works for. In short, they help the underprivileged folks of Starling City to fair representation in court. What a perfect time for Thea to get her vintage purse swiped by some tool in a red hoodie. Wait, that’s no tool… That’s Roy Harper (Colton Haynes)! I was impressed by Roy’s maneuvering over a significantly high metal fence. I feel like Thea was more peeved that she didn’t get to clock the guy, as opposed to being pissed off that her purse got stolen. Luckily, Roy’s wallet chain got snagged on the fence while he used his ghetto-ninja swagger to jump it.

That evening, Thea called several leather shops in an attempt to track down the guy who’d made off with her purse. The wallet chain had some sort of an eight ball charm attached to it (Cool, Roy.) and eventually someone made a match. How quick they were to divulge confidential costumer information to Thea, right? She had her name… “Roy Harper.” I think this was the moment when DC Comic nerds were supposed to mutter out loud, “Roy… Harper?!?!”

Diggle’s date in the park was a nightmare. Things seemed to be going swell enough to begin with, but he naturally flowed into talk of his late brother a.k.a. his date’s deceased husband, and she was not having any of it; Diggle was dead in the water. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss her to prove his feelings, but she stormed off before he could even really explain himself. Oliver’s date didn’t go any better. Again, things started off well enough, with yummy soufflés and small talk, but once McKenna brought up “that island thing,” Oliver all but completely shut down. Saved by the cell, work called McKenna away, and Felicity was able to listen in.

The Dodger had been attempting to land another fence for the jewel when the police team arrived to blow that ish up. Everyone scattered like roaches, but Dodger, of course, ended up face to face with Arrow. Unwilling to get his hands dirty with, I don’t know, a backup gun, Dodger had nothing to use against the vigilante but one of his collars. He hurled the bomb, and the explosion was enough to allow his escape.

Back at the lair, Felicity was ready and willing to give Diggle and Ollie a hard time after realizing they’d flopped big time on their dates. The boys, on the other hand, weren’t in the mood to hear it. After doing some research, Felicity had managed to uncover that The Dodger had specific taste in Spanish antiquities.

Diggle: “And she says we have no lives?”

Oliver is impossibly rich, so landing a similar artifact wouldn’t be too difficult of a task. The trio decided to use an item as bait at a local cancer benefit. I just realized how helpful creating a source of wealth for a superhero must be as a writer. It’s like a skeleton key to any storyline option. Props to Roy Harper for keeping it self-made.

At the auction, Felicity Smoak showed up looking, well, smokin’! Diggle and Oliver did their best to hide their grins, while Felicity explained that the artifact they’d “donated” was bugged with a tracker. Unfortunately for Felicity, she managed to catch The Dodger swiping it, while no one else was watching, and confronted him. How could she not realize who that was? Maybe she just didn’t care? Really, Felicity? Next thing you know, the girl was collared and threatened by Dodger for fear of her alerting the authorities.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Oliver Queen Motorcycle Helmet "Arrow"

While Diggle attempted to use his military deactivation skills on the bomb collar at the auction, Oliver hijacked a motorcycle and tailed The Dodger. Felicity, quietly panicked, attempted to keep it together while she worked as a personal GPS for Oliver as he rode. This time, Oliver was ready for the two tricks Dodger had up his sleeve. After blowing the thief’s tire with a tossed arrow, Oliver had him where he wanted him. Dodger attempted to threaten “Hood Guy” by using Felicity, but before he could even really finish explaining the situation, Oliver had used an arrow to sever the nerve in his arm. He couldn’t push the activation button for the bomb collar even if he’d tried. Felicity was released, and the case was closed.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Thea had watched Detective Lance (Paul Blackthrone) question Roy about the stolen purse. Harper pulled out a double whammy of a sob story that would have landed him in the finals of American Idol, forget having to return a damn stolen purse. Thea had him released after hearing of his dead father and vertigo-crippled mother. That night, she risked a trip to The Glades alone to confront him, and, duh, to get her vintage purse back. The way Thea was talking about her bag, you’d assume she was going to help him pawn it. Roy gave her back the purse, but advised her not to trust the sob stories spewed by guys like him. Colton Haynes is really good at snarling snarky, as previously noted, but no one out sasses Thea Queen on this show. Why don’t they just date? Now there’s an idea…

Diggle made things right with his prospective love interest. War is easier than dating; it’s act or die out there. In love, you must feel. *face sucking* Meanwhile, Oliver also set things straight with McKenna, who apparently was under the impression that Ollie had screwed things up, while I thought it was perfectly clear that you never ask someone to recant stories of their own private Hell on a first date.  Oliver explained that on the island, his joy of life slipped away, and today, he’s learning to enjoy things, like soufflé, once again. *smoochin’*

The episode closed with Moira Queen meeting with none other than China White, dishing out the order to kill Tommy Merlyn’s father, Malcolm!


What did you all think of Arrow Season 1 Episode 15, “Dodger”? How did you like the debut of Roy Harper? Will things get interesting now that McKenna is on the vigilante case? Who would you like to see Ollie end up with?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Arrow Season 1 Episode 15, “Dodger”!


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