Arrow – Season 1 Episode 11 – Recap and Review – Trust But Verify

Arrow Season 1 Episode 11 saw friend turned against friend, more terrible parenting, and lots o’ drugs! “Trust But Verify” pitted Arrow (Stephen Amell) against his first non-one-percenter. Apparently, you don’t have to be super rich to be a total tool. Not even on this show!

The episode opened with an armored truck robbery that seemed pretty well orchestrated. After doing some research, Oliver traced the military grade formation back to, well, the military. Diggle (David Ramsey) took a beat when he realized he recognized the name attached to the signature style. Ted Gayner was his commanding officer in Afghanistan; a man who’d saved his life. There was no way in hell Digg was going to turn on his superior, let alone someone he trusted with his life. Oliver, though; he only trusts the damn book. Guess what, Diggle? Ted’s name was in the book. So sad, too bad.

Tommy’s (Colin Donnell) father Malcolm called after being intentionally absent from his son’s life for several weeks. I mean, all he did was call Tommy a loser and cut him off completely in one fell swoop. It was just some good “tough love.” Like, what is your childhood trauma, Tommy? Mr. Merlyn pleaded with Tommy to let him make amends. He offered to take Tommy and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) out to dinner to get to know her better, and even went as far as to say he wanted to be close with Tommy again.

Thea (Willa Holland) wanted a hot sports car for her eighteenth birthday. Really, is that too much to ask when she lives in that house and has that woman for a mother? Both Moira (Susanna Thompson) and Oliver rejected the request. Her nickname is Speedy, remember? That’s probably more so because she does lots of drugs. At least, that’s why it stuck. Thea and her mother decided to spend the day together; for about an hour, at least. Moira ditched Thea after a shopping spree that consisted of one hot dress purchase. Malcolm called, and he needed her urgently. Funny thing, though; Thea snuck along and caught Moira and Malcolm whispering sweet nothings.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

We’d heard the entire conversation. We heard Moira offer to eliminate her peer’s plans to gentrify the Glades (ugh), and we heard her ask for a picture of a real live Walter as compensation. “Trust but verify,” she insisted. Even Moira knows Malcolm is a snake in the city. At this point, I got kind of excited. I figured Thea would start to snoop and inevitably blow the lid off of this whole corporate sh*t-show that’s sapping the life out of the poverty stricken citizens of Starling City. Also, considering the fact that Speedy eventually becomes the Green Arrow’s sidekick in the canonical comics, I’m ready for her to get more involved. In actuality, Thea completely misconstrued the entire situation. Instead, she assumed her mother was having another affair with Malcolm. That’s right, she got this thing twisted twice! According to what she confided in Oliver, she also though Moira to be cheating with Malcolm while their father was alive.

Oliver attempted to speak to his mother one-on-one regarding the situation. Of course, Moira couldn’t come up with a lie that saved her own ass without incriminating someone else. She told Oliver that it was his father who had issues with infidelity and lying. Probably true, as well, but still… Come on! She claimed she was trying to preserve the man’s memory by hiding his shady secrets. Oh, Moira. There’s always something with you.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Arrow decided to hit the Black Hawk organization’s headquarters hard, in an attempt to get Ted Gayner to come clean about his heist. Unfortunately, Diggle showed up to thwart his partner’s plan! That was unfortunate. Still, Arrow managed to swipe a flash drive off of Gayner’s desk before zipping away in a cloud of smoke. Diggle found himself with a job offer to work at Black Hawk.

Back at the lair, an absolutely livid Oliver ripped into Diggle for going above him. They both found themselves in a place where they didn’t fully trust one another. In an attempt to prove his friend’s innocence, Diggle decided to accept the position and work as a double agent for a short period.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Stephen Amell gives great snarly/angry-face.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Tommy, Laurel, and his father had a pretty nice dinner date, followed by an absolutely awful conclusion. After feigning any interest at all in Laurel’s life, even going as far as to mention that his late wife would have liked her, Tommy’s father whipped out paperwork for him to sign; paperwork required to shut down his mother’s free clinic. This clinic seemed to be his mother’s life’s work, and Tommy wasn’t about to tarnish her legacy. He refused, and stormed out of his father’s life for good. Laurel attempted a little more arguing, but Malcolm shut her down kind of hard. His wife died in the street with a bullet in her head. Yeesh! I’m assuming this is why he’s dead set on ruining the Glades.

CW "Arrow"

CW “Arrow”

Oliver Queen’s personal computer geek, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), popped up this episode, too! I love her brief yet vibrant appearances. Oliver needed the flash drive cracked, and used the ridiculous excuse of competing in an adult scavenger hunt to get her on board. Not that Felicity actually cared. Still, he offered her some awesome wine as her prize for getting past the pin number. Within a few hours, the woman had revealed all of the information Oliver needed to convict Ted Gayner of the heist. Poor Felicity never got her wine, though. Come on, man!

Diggle and Ted caught up at the diner, and Paul Knox, another officer working for Black Hawks, showed up to rain on Diggle’s parade. Apparently, the two never really got along. Shady glances were thrown. Also, Gayner noticed Diggle’s sister-in-law getting a little flirty, and suggested that she had feeling for Digg. Diggle felt inappropriate, considering the fact that his brother was killed.

Diggle became concerned regarding Knox, and was ready to pin the heists on him; however, as Gayner put it, if he hadn’t hired these men, Knox included, they’d probably be robbing banks and holding up liquor stores. There isn’t much use for a soldier’s expertise when they aren’t at war. This guy was not into being a personal bodyguard. All the while, Arrow had been preventing another attack on an armored truck, even injuring one of the Black Hawks in the process. Inside the getaway van, we did indeed catch a glimpse of Knox at work.

Thea’s birthday party at the mansion started like this:

Oliver to Thea: “If dad were here, he’d say you look beautiful.”

Nice! Then it ended with this:

Thea to Moira: “I wish that it’d been you that was on that boat.”

Burn, Thea. Sounds just like the conclusion to my eighteenth birthday party.

Basically, Thea’s party was all fun and games, new convertible included, until she caught Moira and Malcolm talking in private upstairs. They seemed a little too close for Thea’s liking, so she confronted her mother face to face. While Moira was actually receiving her compensation a current pic of a living Walter, Thea lambasted her for cheating on her father. Although it may have been incorrect, isn’t the truth so much worse?

In her blinding anger, Thea took some drug called Vertigo that had been gifted to her by some gal pals and left her own party. The guests probably just thought she was super badass, ditching her own eighteenth birthday to go test drive her new convertible. Speedy sped for a few minutes before totaling her car and landing herself in the hospital.

Island break time! The flashback to the island picked up just where it’d left off; with Oliver in disguise as an evil soldier. In an attempt to rescue his friend, he made his way into their camp and introduced himself as a new soldier looking to transport the prisoner. Unfortunately, the man in charge recognized the fear in his eyes through his mask and had Oliver imprisoned. Shocker! Oliver’s hooded friend is actually one of them! Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Diggle had been snooping around the Hawks’ warehouse when Knox showed up and seized him. At first, Diggle seemed to feel accomplished in his correct accusation of Knox. That is, until Gayner emerged from the shadows as the team leader! What a disappointment for Diggle, who did truly believe in his mentor. Strangely, Gayner had no intention of letting Diggle go. Instead, he wanted to force him to join the team, even going as far as threatening to kill his sister-in-law.

The girl sat gagged in the van as Diggle, having no choice in the matter, took his position on the street. Just before using the grenade launcher on the armored truck, Diggle stepped aside, prompting the other men to get out and confront him. Diggle, however, had the grenade launcher! After the explosion, Diggle’s potential new lady-friend fled, leaving him to deal with his frenemies alone. Thankfully, Arrow showed up just in time to kill Gayner before he shot Diggle.

After clearing himself with the police, Diggle apologized to Oliver for not trusting him. Of course, Oliver apologized back for putting too much faith in the list and not enough in the people in his life, specifically Digg.

The episode also closed with Thea being released from the hospital and arrested for D.U.I. I have a feeling this Vertigo drug is going to end up being a good storyline, most likely leading us to Arrow’s first sidekick, drug dealing Roy Harper. Problem: How can Roy Harper become Speedy if Speedy is Speedy? Speedy as in Thea Queen.


What did you all think of Arrow Season 1 Episode 11, “Trust But Verify”? When will Moira be exposed and is she on the list? Are you excited for Colton Haynes’s Roy Harper? Do you want to see Thea, Tommy, and Laurel more involved in the central arc? Where’s Waldo Walter?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Arrow Season 1 Episode 11, “Trust But Verify”!

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