Ariana Grande vs. Demi Lovato – You’re My Only Shorty – MP3 Listen

Ariana Grande vs. Demi Lovato - You're My Only Shorty - MP3 Listen

Now I’m nearly two years late on this parade, but today stumbled upon the fact that Ariana Grande first sung the demo for Demi Lovato‘s “You’re My Only Shorty,” from her 2011 album, Unbroken. I thought I’d share!

From brief research on the net, it seems as Ariana recorded a demo for the song with Rock Mafia, who produced it – and it was eventually given to Lovato.

In the demo, Ariana had a rougher, grittier, lower tone to her voice that she doesn’t sing with now. She barely uses her upper register, until she whistles or falses. Not to say that’s bad – but in two years she’s definitely reworked her style of singing. But both versions of her singing are good – so are both versions of the song.

Who do you prefer – Ariana or Demi? Do you like Ariana’s singing better back in 2011 or do you like how she sings now.

Hear the songs together in a mashup!

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