‘Argo’ crosses $200 million worldwide

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo’ continues its awards season dominance by becoming one of the highest-grossing films competing in this year’s Oscar race, as the thriller has hit the $200 million mark in worldwide ticket sales.

The Best Picture contender has earned nearly $124 million domestically and $76.1 million internationally, thanks to Warner Bros. upping the film’s theater count from approximately 900 locations to 1,405, which is an almost unheard of practice in a film’s 18th week in release (the film opened Oct. 12). The film grossed $2.4 million to earn the No. 8 slot this past weekend, returning to the top 10.

This is indicative of a season-long campaign by the studio to keep the film on everyone’s lips. As if sensing the massive wave of support ‘Argo’ was building among Academy voters, Warner Bros. started adding locations on the eve of Oscar nominations and the Golden Globe ceremony in early January. The film, which had been playing in only 302 theaters, took off as Warner Bros. mounted a full press campaign, which went into overdrive once the film won Best Motion Picture (Drama) at the Globes, while Affleck won for best director.

“It’s very cool. We’ve grossed $14 million since the Academy Award nominations, and for a film that’s been out that long, that’s really a terrific result,” said Warners president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman. “We’ll keep Argo in theaters right through the Oscars.”

‘Argo’ has continued its awards season dominance with almost no resistance, toppling this past Sunday’s BAFTA awards, where it took home such honors as Best Film and Best Director.

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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