Aretha Franklin wants to record Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ for new album

Aretha Franklin wants to Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious' on new album

Aretha Franklin wants to Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ on new album

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, has revealed that she is thinking of covering “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child on her upcoming concept album of covers.

Working with Babyface and Clive Davis, Franklin will also sing songs like Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” and Barbara Streisand’s “People.” The legend told Billboard,

It’s just re-working some things that were very, very good and certainly chart-worthy and sold a lot of records. “They’re records that, musically, I respected and that I liked a lot and that I would love to have one go-’round with. I aspire for musical excellence. I have very high standards where music is concerned, and I’m looking for something I haven’t done, something that you haven’t heard and something just absolutely smashing….”I’m even thinking of ‘Bootylicious’.

Aretha is great! If this happens, we need a music video of her twerking as well.

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