Anoop Desai – 3 Cheers EP out now

Anoop Desai has a new EP out: 3 Cheers.

Anoop is doing club music now! EDM! Let’s support Anoop!

Download: 3 Cheers

Anoop Desai  3 Cheers EP out now

3 Cheers

Love War feat. ADHD

Via Press Release:

Moving forward with a driving momentum, Anoop has since evolved from his days as a college student and American Idol contestant. Anoop has since taken the reins on developing his own style of music by producing a sound that embodies his growth as an artist. Looking to further showcase his boundless vocal abilities, Anoop teamed up with Atlanta-based producer/DJ ADHD to create a unique project and a new sound. The result is a new EP entitled 3 Cheers that is set for release on November 20th. Infusing the energy of electro with pop driven melodies, 3 Cheers is a dance gem that cross over genre boundaries. “The record is all about being young and having fun,” says Anoop. “It’s about being displaced, but in a way that makes your explore.”

Anoop Desai 3 Cheers

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