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Angela Miller – Nobody’s Perfect – American Idol 12 Top 40 – Sudden Death

Angela Miller sang “Nobody’s Perfect” on American Idol 12 Top 40 Las Vegas Show #1.

Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here:

Rickey Rating

So much emotion! She’s the front-runner! She could win it all!

American Idol Judges

Nicki Minaj: You blew me away. Don’t force anything.

Keith Urban: You have a huge talent.

Mariah Carey: Your potential is limitless.

Randy Jackson: America is witnessing the birth of a superstar.

Angela Miller  Nobody s Perfect  American Idol 12 Top 40  Sudden Death  1

Angela Miller  Nobody s Perfect  American Idol 12 Top 40  Sudden Death  2

Angela Miller  Nobody s Perfect  American Idol 12 Top 40  Sudden Death  3

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Angela Miller – Nobody’s Perfect – Video

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Yo Rickey, thanks for this site.  I know it's a business and not a public service, but I feel like saying thanks for recording so much.  I've two questions I've wanted to ask, so I'll just toss them out there.  

First one--your attitude seems to have changed a lot since I first discovered your site during Sanjayamania--your enthusiasm seems very sardonic now, whereas then (1000 plus contestants ago), you seemed genuinely excited.  Am I wrong and if not could you write about this some time?  What sort of stuff now do you like?  What moves you?  

Second, I do think its funny when you poke fun at Nygel's boast that Idol makes stars, but it seems plausible that Angela Miller could come out of this show a bigger star than any of the contestants on the Voice or Xfactor, just as Phillip Phillips has outshone last year's Voice and Xfactor winners?  Am I wrong about this?  I realize that Simon can now pump up Emblem3 and Carly Rose via the recording deals, so maybe I am wrong, but if you think I am right, why?  I saw some incredible performances on the Voice (via example, Cody Belew's take on George Michael's "One More Time"--but they haven't seemed to really benefit the singers over the longer term as much as I would have thought.   


The new American idol!

Rickey moderator

@doobeedoo I'm doing a lot more stuff now -- and my brain cannot process everything anymore. This is one of the main reasons there are other writers on the blog now. AND EVEN THEN -- I'm still so busy.

I've just matured over the years and though I am still enthusiastic about this blog (why shouldn't I be? It's changed my life!), it's been difficult to dive into the personal lives of individual contestants now since there are 1) So many of them and 2) I'm doing a lot of things. There are around 40 posts coming out of the blog now every single day.

I only sound sarcastic to American Idol fans who think I'm no longer passionate about the show! :) It's just become so old hat now and I don't have the strength to be Nigel's cheerleader specially when I know that he's just pulling everyone's leg for ratings. Case in point: This was again supposed to be the best batch of girls on the show ever. It's a total lie and I'm not even dealing with that anymore because a lot of people have stopped caring.

The only criteria now that drives me out of the stupor is: cute. If there is anyone cute on Idol this year, let me know. I may have missed it. 

My passion now is my dog CJ.

(and YouTube...)

Oh and my favorite shows right now are Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf.

And running the blog is my passion, definitely.