Anderson Cooper loses it over Dyngus Day

Anderson Cooper loses it again on the air! LOL! Dyngus Day! Yes!

Let out Anderson, just let it out! OMG. He’s the best. For those who are on giggle-watch, his last fit was last year for Gerard Depardieu.

Watch the video here:

Anderson Cooper loses it over Dyngus Day

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I find it rude that Anderson is making fun of a polish tradition. I am offended by it. First of all, if you are going to be reporting on this, get your facts straight. I have never heard of girls hitting guys with pussy willows, and guys don't spray girls with water that they fancy. What we do that day, at least what I did back in my home country, is we pour water all over each other. It is a fun tradition, to see the real smingus dyngus in Poland check out those you tube videos below. Its rude for Anderson Cooper to laugh at anyone's traditions, at least we have them and know how to have fun!