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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 9 – Recap – The Girl Whose Walk Is TOO Good

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 9 - Recap - The Girl Whose Walk Is TOO Good

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 9 – Recap – The Girl Whose Walk Is TOO Good

This week, America’s Next Top Model on The CW is straight-up bonkers. Tyra Banks delivers some really unexpected twists and turns, even adding to the already overdramatic status quo. Jourdan’s best photo has her sitting pretty (ha, puns) and Marvin is still thirsty as hell. Renee has a crush on him now, so that’s good for him I guess. Read on, captive audience, for we have much to discuss!

Alexis Borges from NEXT modeling is here to guest judge this week’s challenge. They’re at Style Fashion Week, with the winner landing a spot. The challenge is to book some modeling gigs. The judges liked Nina’s attitude a lot because she’s fun and nice. They also really liked Jourdan for her modeling skill and her looks, but didn’t like her bland personality. Jourdan and Marvin end up not getting booked in the first round. They did some runway walks for the second rounds, and Renee got booked instead of Nina and Jourdan. Nina and Renee took a lot of pleasure in Jourdan’s sulking after this total failure of a challenge for her. I love it too. Jourdan is an overdramatic bully; it’s good to see her knocked down a few pegs. The judges like Don and Cory for similar reasons, and they have to pick just one. Don, Phil, and Chris make it. Poor Cory, noooo!

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Finally, it’s showtime. I didn’t like Renee’s first walk, but her second was better. Phil and Don absolutely kill it both times, but Chris isn’t great. I liked Nina’s walk a lot. The judges pick Renee, Phil, and Done as their best. Obviously Renee wins it though. They loved her so much. I like her win here because it made Jourdan angry!

Back at the house, Renee hops in bed to cuddle with Marvin! Ahhh! Then, in his talking head segment, Marvin reveals a pattern I didn’t notice! Apparently every girl he likes has been sent home so far, in sequence! I hope this doesn’t pass to Renee!! They didn’t smooch or anything. It’s actually kinda cute because Renee keeps acting like she hates him and he’s gross, but she wants to cuddle his bod.

The photoshoot this week is some stuff in nature on a ranch. They’re being shot from above while lying down. It’s kinda cool! During the shoot, Jourdan finds a frog in the grass and throws it on Renee to be mean. It’s pretty funny even though I hate Jourdan. Phil just still can’t get intense enough. His eyes stay soft and he’s too reserved for fear of losing. It looks like Jourdan’s photo will turn out great during the shoot. They also like Chris a lot, which is odd because he usually sucks! Marvin doesn’t listen at all, which never bodes well.

Back at the house (again), it becomes Battle of the Sexes. The guys get incredibly catty about the fact that there are five guys left and only three girls. They’ve been pretty mean to the girls the entire cycle so far!

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Judgement time!! Nina gets heaped with praise, and deservedly so. Her photo is friggin’s amazing. I love Nina in this show almost as much as Cody. She’s so nice and cute and fun! Don falls a bit flat. Renee does well, but Kelly doesn’t like her shot so much. I enjoyed it. Jourdan starts crying about how much she sucked in the challenge. Tyra hates her photo, so she ends up with a 6 and two 9s. Cory does well, despite being criticized a bunch. Phil gets totally crapped on by the judges, so his fate is all but sealed. Chris ends up with two 10s and a 9, which is terrible because he’s the worst dude ever. The judges crap all over Marvin also, but he still ends up with two 8s. The scoring really makes no sense.

Best photo of the week goes to Chris, with Nina in second and Renee just behind. Bottom two ends up being Phil and Marvin. The eliminated dude is… Phil! I’m glad to be finally rid of this ludicrous weirdo. His style is cool, but he’s such a tool!

UH BIG TWIST THIS WEEK. The Comeback Series finally hits! All the eliminated models so far have been participating in the photoshoots! The model with the highest social media score will rejoin the competition and head to Bali! Ahhhh!!! Rejoining the competition will be… Alexandra?! I literally do not remember anything about this person besides her name! This is such a bummer!

TWIST NUMBER TWO HOLY CRAP A GUY IS ALSO REJOINING. This show ended like three times this week! The male model rejoining is… GOING TO BE REVEALED NEXT WEEK! Uuuuuuuuggghhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh blllaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I hate having to wait for this! The suspense might actually kill me and then there won’t be a recap because I died from the anxiety!! No but that won’t happen, don’t worry.

This week was really intense! The relationship drama made an already volatile social scene even more stressful! The loss of Phil relieves some of that pressure, but it’s still there, especially with Renee and Marvin. I’m looking forward to seeing which models are able to set aside the drama and do well, but also I really love the drama. Check back next week for another recap and below for a peek behind the scenes!

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