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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 8 – Recap & Results – The Guy Who Cries

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 8 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Cries - Title

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 8 – Recap & Results – The Guy Who Cries

Hooray! It’s Friday night! That means another episode of America’s Next Top Model on The CW! This week, Tyra Banks makes the models go clothes shopping in their underwear and then throws a bunch of paint on them. It’s really superb television!

The episode starts as usual with some house drama (my favorite!). Marvin misses Jeremy (who was eliminated last week for being just the worst) and is being a whiny baby about it. He’s just got a crush on everyone I guess?? Cory bashes him for being too sensitive. Phil is anxious about not being able to work out as much. He keeps trying to jump over Jiana’s head, but she’s like “Nah bro nah” so he gets Marvin to let him. It’s a bit terrifying, but he totally jumps over Marvin and it’s great!!

This week’s challenge: Quiz questions on fashion, with the prize of a $2k gift card. They’ll be winning gift card credit all along for a later part of the challenge. They strip down in the street before the start for some reason (I’m not complaining!!) and begin answering the questions. Marvin makes a bunch of random guesses and gets some right somehow. Ultimately, Reneé wins the trivia part. The next part of the challenge is to spend their store credit in just half an hour to make the best outfit. This is why they stripped down, but it was still way before they had to do that! Phil’s only got $25 to spend, which is hilarious. He ends up showing up to the challenge judging in some clearance women’s clothes and gets not love from the judges. The guest judge of the challenge is the stylist for the Kardashian sisters. Don takes home the victory and the big prize! He also gets to go out for ice cream with one girl and one guy, so he chooses Reneé and Marvin. After the challenge, Chris and Marvin get into a big dumb bratty teen fight like some whiny baby brats. They’re both being macho jerks and everyone else is just laughing at them, because they’re the least likable models on the show (yes, even counting Jourdan).

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 8 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Cries - Cast

For the photoshoot, the contestants end up at a gallery. They’re seeing a variety of models doing a lot of styles, except… all the photos are untouched photos of Tyra, posing as other supermodels!! It’s really cool! Instead of doing this, though, the models will be doing a slow-motion paint splash… thing. It honestly seems like it’s just an excuse to be mean to aspiring supermodels (which is really the primary reason I enjoy this show) by splashing paint on them while they pose. Chris’s photos end up really distracted, and he keeps making weird stupid faces. Marvin is doing the same distracted nonsense. He keeps reacting to the splash (which is bad) and not taking direction well (also bad to do). A bunch of other people do kinda okay, but Nina actually elicits applause from the shoot crew. Back at the house, everyone covered in paint, Chris decides to use the women’s shower. He says the guys have filled their shower, but he’s lying hardcore for no reason. Everyone yells at him about it, Cory spits some sass, and Chris blames other people. Sigh. The Chris thing is getting old!

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 8 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Cries

Judging time! Marvin gets bashed a ton from every judge, but for some reason get a 7, 8, and 9. Don gets a ton of praise, but lower scores than Marvin! What the heck! Jourdan gets straight 10s, which sucks because she’s such a mean brat. Phil does badly, of course. He takes bad pictures. Reneé reveals herself as a quiet champion here. She’s making no waves in the house drama, but she’s asking questions and growing as a model. Her photo is really great!

Best photo this week goes to (of course) Jourdan. Gah! It’s true (I mean, look at it right up there above the previous paragraph), but still. Reneé and Nina follow her as runners-up. Bottom two this week are Phil and Jiana. Phil’s been hanging on by a thread since the competition started, but Jiana started strong and has fallen from grace. Ultimately, it’s that decline that proves her her greatest enemy. Jiana is eliminated this week, which is a damn shame. Phil sucks as a mode and as a person. He’s gotta go.

This was another great episode of the show! It’s a bit light on house drama, but since the challenge and photoshoot were way meaner, that’s fine! Plus, the house drama affected some of the contestants and their ability to do well competing, which is always interesting. I’m disappointed to see Phil stay over Jiana, but also I’d be a little upset if Phil went because either way they’re splitting up the cycle’s last dumb couple. I’m a big fan of the dumb couples and ill-advised hookups in this season! Oh well. Check back here next week for another recap, and peep the vid below to see some interviews with the cast about the photoshoot!

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