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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 6 – Recap & Results – The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 6 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl - Jourdan

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 20 Episode 6 – Recap & Results – The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl

America’s Next Top Model is back again with a new episode on The CW! Tyra Banks takes the models through a much less sadistic gauntlet of vaguely modeling-related activities this week, but the episode’s real star is all the dang smooching and fighting that goes on! Of course in the show’s first season to feature a co-ed pool of models, there’s going to be a ton of relationship drama. It was inevitable! It is the entire point of the season, probably!

First off, everybody hates Jourdan after her win last week. Jourdan gets to stay with one pal in the Tyra Suite (which is just like some really cool bedroom I guess??), and she picks Nina because no one else likes her at all. Jourdan is also in charge of phone privileges. She gave herself and Nina ten minutes each, then she took 15 minutes to argue with her boyfriend instead of letting anyone else have phone time when they were supposed to. She gets all into calling people immature after she pulls this bratty teenager stunt! The nerve on this kid! Jourdan and Renee almost come to blows over it. And then ugh barf Jeremy comes to Jourdan’s defense and Nina’s talking head segment says everyone is just jealous ugh ugh ugh ugh. Jourdan is a terrible brat . I hate her now.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 6 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl - Phil and Jiana

On the romance side of things, Jiana and Phil are gettin’ flirty, maybe even smoochy and cuddly! They’re even flirting at the challenge! No shame. At the photoshoot, they’re paired together! Not good news for Phil’s girlfriend back home, who I’m sure doesn’t appreciate that Phil keeps encouraging this crush Jiana has on him!

Today’s guest star for the challenge is infamous web paparazzo Perez Hilton . The models are tasked with conducting fashion interviews with people off the street, all while Bryanboy and Perez talk into their ear giving them absurd instructions, like having Jeremy strip and making Phil be really rude/odd. Perez was overall disappointed with the ladies. Jiana gets called out on being bad, and so does Marvin. Marvin doesn’t like that he was expected to be mean to people and put them down, which is a good reason to lose! Jeremy wins the competition, and when he gets to share the prize with one of the ladies, he of course chooses Jourdan. The prize is a romantic dinner in Hollywood, uuuuugggghhhh. I want to pitch these two down a well and seal it off with bricks. They’re just both so annoying and petty and bad! Jeremy’s crush is pathetic and Jourdan is stupid for not telling him to quit it.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 20 Episode 6 - Recap & Results - The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl - Cory

This week, instead of the standard photoshoot, the models are doing a fragrance commercial… in drag! And the spot ends in a big ol’ kiss!! And the models choose their own partners!!! Obviously Jourdan/Jeremy and Phil/Jiana happen, and their kisses are crazy real. The best two couples in my opinion were Cory and Alex as business people, then Don and Kanani as a cheerleader and basketball player. Kanani was the only of the ladies to really sell it, and Cody was the best of the guys to go girl. Again in the judging, everyone gets pretty good scores no matter what the judges say good or bad! I don’t get the scoring system on this dang show at all! It seems like it’s only between 7 and 10. Whatever!

After adding up the judge scores, the challenge scores, and the social media scores, this week’s best performance this week is from Cory! Kanani and Don follow his as runners-up. I totally agree with these choices. Cory is superb. I love him; he’s flawless! Don is surprisingly good at this, and Kanani is another one who doesn’t seem to stand out yet is consistently good. The bottom two models are Jiana and Alexandra. Alex I barely have noticed on the show, whereas Jiana has fluctuated from great to bad. The model leaving the show this week is… Alexandra! No surprise there. She’s dull, and Jiana still has all that sexual tension with Phil for the editors to exploit!

This week’s episode was great! The house drama has ramped up, the challenge was legitimately interesting, and the photoshoot had a really fun gimmick. I’m enjoying how all the models already hate one another and that the judges seem to enjoy throwing a wrench in the gears on that front. It’s really maniacal! Check out a preview of the episode below and then come back here next week for another recap!

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