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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 19 – College Edition – Voting Round #2

Voting for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition Round #2 is now open.

Here are the pictures from the photoshoot featuring new judge Rob Evans! OMG He’s so hot. Apparently, Tyra isn’t worried about spoiling the results this early, for as long as there is interaction with the fans. One girl already quit.

Here are the photos:

Vote at: The CW

Vote at: The CW

Do you guys have any favorites already?

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Hi Tyra, Plz give Allison a 3rd, chance, i came up with this great idea, for cycle eternal, called all stars international, and I made a group on Facebook . so far 30 people joined. Make it more extreme, more high fashion. My idea is to get past contestants from different cycles from places around the globe, like Germany, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Greece, New Zealand, etc.. You get the idea, and have one model represent each place, and have Allison represent America, in Top Models all starz international. to win spreads all around the globe, in commercial and high fashion magazines. Have them make music videos but instead of writing their own lyrics get them to sing a remake of old songs, from different eras that changed the music industry. Chose judges from around the globe as well. To make top models first universal fashion icon. GO Alley CatZ

 here is a link to my group and to a description of my idea for your show. I hope u read this Tyra.  just look up top model all stars international on facebook


<3 peace

Klope62 moderator

He's way too pretty. Turn off. ;p


Tyra annoys me to no end... but I'll probably still watch this train wreck, lol.


Why is this show still taking up space here??