America’s Got Talent – Returns on May 14 – Video Preview

OMG I am so excited for America’s Got Talent! This is one of my favorite show in the summer and I believe it just got better with the addition of Howard Stern as judge.

The show premieres on May 14 and airs on Monday and Tuesday this season. Is NBC attempting to dominate those days now with reality TV competitions?

Watch the video here:

Howard Stern joins AGT

America’s Got Talent Returns!

America s Got Talent  Returns on May 14  Video Preview

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I'm actually going to watch this again for the first time in years because of Howard - but why oh why is he doing the ONE MILLION DOLLAR thingy? It gave me bad Simon stfu already flashbacks of 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! on X Factor. I'd rather be forced to sit and look at Simon's hairy moobs for 24 hours straight rather than ever hear that again...