America’s Got Talent – Results – 08/31/2011

Live blogging the America’s Got Talent results show for August 31, 2011

Which 5 acts will move on to the Top 10?


Gymkana is eliminated!
Steven Retchless is eliminated! NOOOOO!

Silhouettes moves on to the Top 10!

David Guetta, Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj perform! This song was composed by Jared Cotter of American Idol!

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. moves on to the Top 10!

Anna Graceman moves on to the Top 10!

Professor Splash is eliminated!
Summerwind Skippers are eliminated!
Fatally Unique are eliminated!

Landon Swank moves on to the Top 10! YES!

Susan Boyle sings ‘You Have to Be There’!

The Kenetic King is eliminated!

Snap Boogie is eliminated!

Smage Bros. moves on to the Top 10!

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