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American Idols Live! Tour — Dallas, TX — 08/25/08

American Idol

Watch the live cellcast!

We have 1 superstah cellcaster tonight: newyoricanny!

We will listen to: Jason Castro, David Archuleta and David Cook


Row 15 Center

Phone – Sony Ericsson Walkman inside her front pocket! Pocketcast FTWW!

Listen to the cellcast MP3 here:

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Oh yeah, I forgot, there was this lady with a Jason Catro life size doll in the plaza outside the AA Ctr yesterday. She had this pic of Jason's face pasted on this head full of dreads with a black t-shirt on a hanger connected to a stick. Hysterical! Everyone wanted to get their pix taken with the Jason doll.

And, there was a great review of the show in the Guide sction of the Dallas News - very kind words for Jason about how modest he is and how there is no EGO issues with him at all. Seems they found him uniquely talented, sweet and unchanged by fame. That's our Jason!


Hey, how do I load all my pix from the show last night? I have some great ones of Jason CLOSE UP when he stepped to the front of the stage. He was sooo great and everyone was so happy to see him. I've never heard such cheering. Everyone loves Jason but nothing beats coming home and playing for friends and family! What a great show with Jason peeking thru the curtains like a little kid at his first recital - Awwwww! DFW Loves Jason Castro!


rickey....i had a fever of 102 degrees...and hobbled downstairs to the computer at 11:00pm ish and i heard PDSTM...and the sound was amazing.

pls give brenda a raise.



you should've seen the praises written about are a supah stah!!!! big time!!!!



what phone do u have????

that was amazing sound!!!

where were your seats too???

thanks so much.


Ricky, I posted this in the last post also. During the LKL interview last week, it was revealed that the idols would be participating in the Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) program on Sept 5. The show will be televised on CBS, NBC, & ABC. The challenge is to raise at least $2100. The team has raised $1100 so far.

An Angel by the name of Pecan Pie started a team (CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER - ARCHIE’S ANGELS) on the website If anyone would like to donate to a charity in David’s name, please consider this one. The site states that the team with the highest donation will get their team announced on the show. There are a few ways to donate (phone, online or mail).