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American Idol’s Chris Medina prepping biopic

American Idol season 10’s Chris Medina, who had the huge backstory of wife was in a car accident and left severely damaged, has a movie in the works – according to his wife.

Medina peaked early in the competition only reaching the Top 40, but his single and album What Are Words  performed very well in parts of Europe, reaching #1 and the top ten in many countries.

His wife, Juliana was in car accident leaving her unable to do basic functions such as walk or talk. She and Medina were engaged at the time of the accident, and they still are. She has recovered well and is now blogging, and posted this on her blog

I kind of have an announcement and so I just want to tell you about what’s going on with me and Chris.  On that note, guess what?
So a short time ago we found out that someone was interested in doing a movie about my relationship with Chris and of course my most recent life too.  We agreed.  I mean, what’s the harm?   Here is what Jim said.  Oh Jim is the man making the movie:

“As  the Chairman of  MCS41, (Metropolitan Creative Studio), I am operating a broad-based entertainment company and one of the leaders in  multi-media and distribution services.  Some of our divisions book movies
in theaters across the United States and the world as well as providing massive  media and market reach (awareness) in the marketplace for the studios and independents.  Other MCS41 divisions are in the production side of the business  as our 2nd unit personnel, credited for performing and filming the action  sequences of almost all the major motion pictures, such films as  “Dark Knight  Rises”, “Jack Reacher”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Men in Black 3” and many  more.   Last year the media division billed out over 700 million dollars USD.
As MCS41 continues to grow and facilitate the motion picture/multimedia business throughout 2013, I am excited to announce a new division of MCS41: ‘Motion  Picture Production’.  This new division has major projects in the works  utilizing only the best producers, directors and actors.  The first major movie  deal MCS41 has signed is a feature entitled “What Are Words” (production and distribution); this will be a wide release slated 2014.  This movie will be  based upon Chris Medina (finalist of American Idol) and Juliana’s story.  This  is the only feature film ever to include rights of the American Idol show.   There will be many stars attached to this project.  A national concert featuring  Chris Medina, with famous named guest artist(s), (45 markets minimum) will kick
off the viral marketing of this release to promote the film. The last concert  will be on Hollywood Blvd, in front of The Chinese Theater, where the premiere  will be held.  Juliana will also be receiving significant support as a result of  this project that will assist her to lead the best possible life that she can. “
~Jim Schramm

Source: By Juliana – My Blog 

Very good! Congratulations to them! This is great.

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