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American Idol XIII – Spoilers – Hollywood Round

American Idol XIII has yet to premiere, but Hollywood Round is well underway, having started just this week. The list is incomplete at the moment, but will be updated as we learn more information about who’s made it through and who’s been sent home.

The full list of Hollywood hopefuls and eliminated singers is below. But first, the list of those who have been confirmed to audition for the judges in the individual city rounds, and those who were cut by the executive producers prior to making it to the judging panels. We only have first names for some of the contestants, but I’m leaving them in, in the event anyone feels like playing detective and speculating about whether the name belongs to a possible returnee. You’ll be seeing a few familiar names below as it is.

Check out the spoilers below via The Idol Pad:

American Idol XIII - Spoilers - Hollywood Round


Audition Rounds

Auditions Round 2: Executive Producers – Eliminated

Adonis Certion
Alex Shier
Cameron Dickerson
Halli Bolfa
Jeffers Corn
Kristina Ray
Megyn Hermez
Melissa Jorgenson
Rachel Hale (Vegas Round, Season 12)
Travis Baehr

Auditions Round 2: Executive Producers – Status Unknown

Adam Sanders
Alex Ryan
Amanda Lawrence
Andrew Birdwell
Angelica Robinson
Ashley Colby
Autumn Turner
Blake Branscom
Briston Maroney
C.J. Harris
Chelsea Ryan
Chris McNair
Christina Collins
Constance Howard
Daniel Chacon
Dexter Roberts
Gino Tetreault
Hagin Henderson
Hanna Grischke
Hunter Gianni (Burnette)
Jared Burkett
Josh Holiday (Season 12 Vegas Round — YES!)
Julia Warren
Ju’Wuan James
Kyle Bogert
Lacey Levine
Laurelle Hall
Lauren Allen
Lianna Prill
Melanie Huber
Micah Johnson (Season 12 Hollywood Round)
Paris Allen
Paul White
Prathima Nandivada
Queen B.
Remy Millington
Rhiannon Bailey
Riley Davis
Samantha Furtwengler
Savannah “Vannah” Moua
Sierra Branch
Sonja Corliss
Stephanie Schimel
Sydney Jascoe
Taylor Hildack
Tiara Grimes
Tiquila Wilson

Auditions Round 3: Main Judging Panel – Eliminated

Brandon Telles
Drew Tamez
Dustin Castellow
Ronald James Reed
Sione-Lui Tanaki
Xavier Calvillo Zave

Auditions Round 3: Main Judging Panel – Status Unknown

Abbie Lane Isham
Adam Roth
Ali Henderson
Ali McManus
Allie Odom
Amanda Goff
Amanda Lawrence
Bella Johannesen
Caleb Johnson
Case Hardin
Christopher Jones
Claudia Getlik
Dani Heikkila
Donald Reed
Dylan Hill
Emily Piriz
Emily Rottler
Evan Sharp
Fonna Landrum
Goldilox Hunter Cox
Grace Field
Jamiah Malik
Jared Cotton
Jeff Samek
Jess Meuse
Jocelyn Baker
Josh Hudson
Josh Roshad
Kaleb Hensley
Katie Schug
Kayson Burgos
Kevin Yungman
Kylee Adamson
Laquan Fields
Laurel Wright
Lydia Hester
Maddye Regis
Mason Kirkland
Matt Hamil
Michael Matos
Misty Williams
Nick Hendrix
Nikia McBride
Paige Benoit
Paula Hunt
Peyton DeCastro
Priscilla Barker
Qua Love
Quaid Edwards
Quarter The (Singing) Manicurist
Rico Perkins
Sadie Rose Van
Sam Birchfield
Sam Spoerl
Selena Moreno
Shauntoris (Formerly Known As Esspy)
Sierra Moreno
Stefano Reed
Thomas Reidy
Ugo Lord
Vanity M.

Hollywood Week

Hollywood Week Round 1 – Status Unknown

Alex Preston
Amber Renee Dundee
Aranesa Turner
Ariel Herrera
Athena Williford
Austin Alvarez
Ayla Stackhouse
Benjamin “Ben” Boone
Brandy Neelly (Season 12 Hollywood Round)
Carlton Smith
Casey Thrasher (Season 12 Hollywood Round)
Erin Christine Prestileo
Ethan Harris
Garrett Nichols
Hayley Pettinato
Jay Zidor
Justin Fira
Kaitlyn Jackson
Keith London
Kenzie Hall
Keri Roche
Lauren Ogburn
Marcus Holloway
McKenna Dennis
Melanie Porras
Michelle Dimov
Nestor Luis Cruz
Paisley Van Patten
Rich Lafleur
Richie Boggs
Sam Woolf
Sarina-Joi Crowe (Season 12 Hollywood Round)
Savannah Young
Spencer Lloyd
Steven Curd
Treyvon Derring
Troy Durden
Viviana Villalon

Hollywood Week Round 2 – Status Unknown

Alexa Gilomen
Alexis Williamson
Austin Percario (The X Factor USA Season 1 – Auditioned in group Ausem, later put in inTENsity)
Danielle Kalil
David Oliver Willis (Season 12 Vegas Round)
Jillian Jensen (The X Factor USA Season 2 — OMG YES!)
Marrialle Sellars
Megan Miller (Season 12 Hollywood Round)
Paris Primeau
Stephanie “Steph” Marie Hanvey
Tessa Norman

Hollywood Week Rounds 1-3 – Eliminated

Caylie Gregorio
Isabell Gallegos

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    NickRoman1 moderator

    Going to need some help from you fine readers. I added info on the names I recognize as previous auditioners, but if there's anyone on this list who you recognize who doesn't have the season of their previous audition tacked on, let me know. I want to try and make this as complete a list as possible.


    Rachel Hale eliminated again.....oh well.  :(