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‘American Idol’: Top 8 Theme is…

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

For once, Ryan actually revealed the theme at the end of the show (like in the days of old!). For the third week of the American Idol Season 12 finals, the theme will be the music of the Motor City. Yes, it’s the theme that, if I’m not mistaken, has been used more than any other theme in the history of the show. However, it’s also a theme that, arguably, has the most depth of any of their repeat themes. I say “arguably” because who am I to doubt the Music of Neil Diamond?!

For the third week of the finals, the theme is Motown.

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Embedded below, a song I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be hearing next week. Well, either that or “Heatwave.” Whatever, at this point, I’ll take just about anything uptempo, short of the “Macarena.” That said, this theme will do nothing to disabuse doubters of the notion that Idol is at the end of its rope. I’m sure the majority of performances will be good, but what are the actual chances that we’ll see something we haven’t already seen half a dozen times?

What should the finalists sing? How can they rearrange these well-known songs? Sound off in the comments!

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