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American Idol Top 7 – Season 11 – iTunes Studio Recording – Review

Here’s my review of the American Idol Top 7 Season 11 iTunes Studio Recordings.

This was a good week — with in my opinion the best track of the season!

The reviews:

Download: American Idol Top 7 – Season 11

Hollie Cavanagh – Perfect

Hollie’s voice lacks the grit that this song needed. But it was a good clean rendition that some people may like. Production even added an echo and background vocals (I like this!) This is a much better sound from Hollie than her live version.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Hollie’s live performance

Colton Dixon – Love The Way You Lie

Sold! Colton’s Broadway Rocker and Jonas Brothers School of Music training has reached it’s zenith on this track. I. Love. It. Great song choice. I can see a Broadway production including this song and it’s going to be a hit with the girls (and guys). Best track of the season.

Colton could be a great shock elimination now in the mold of Constantine Maroulis.

Rating: 5/5

Watch Colton’s live performance

Skylar Laine – Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You

Another excellent track from Skylar. However, this song exposed a weakness in her voice: the high notes are not as good as her middle notes. Her voice loses the solid quality of her midtones when she sings the chorus which is unfortunate. This could have been a great one.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Skylar’s live performance

Download: American Idol Top 7 – Season 11

Joshua Ledet – Runaway Baby

Can this be the solution to Joshua Ledet? Let him sing a fast song so he has no chance to attempt a run and destroy his studio recording? But then, the runs are his signature move during the live shows! Ah, the dilemma of our BDND™ this season. His best track this season, but it just isn’t him.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Joshua’s live performance

Phillip Phillips – Give a Little More

I love Phillip. This was great song choice from him. He’s really Dave Matthews 2.0! LOL. This is it. This is the sound he needs to create in the future. Not too many notes to sing and something that works with a band.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Phillip’s live performance

Download: American Idol Top 7 – Season 11

Jessica Sanchez – Stuttering

This is good vocal from Jessica. But seriously, her age is showing which isn’t her fault. There is just a pathos that is missing from her performance in the studio and live because she simply doesn’t have the experience. Her life experience has been performing at singing competitions like American Idol all her life — and it shows loud and clear in her vocal, as pitch perfect as it may be. She’s not talented enough to fake emotion too which is a shame.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Jessica’s live performance

Elise Testone – You and I

I’m a little disappointed at the production of this track. The sound levels are all wrong. Not as gritty as I would like it from Elise. Minus points for bad production but that’s not Elise’ fault. Lady Gaga’s original just might be incomparable, so in that regard a bad song choice. It might have been better if Elise took it in a different direction like acoustic instead of a straight up copy of Lady Gaga. I didn’t expect to hear “poor copy” in the studio after her great live performance. Oh well.

Rating: 3/5

Watch Elise’s live performance

Download: American Idol Top 7 – Season 11

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