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American Idol – Top 3 – Season 11 – iTunes Studio Recordings Review

Here are my reviews for the American Idol 11 Top 3 iTunes studio recordings.

In general Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips both sound like they’re dying, and Jessica Sanchez sounds like she’s already dead without a soul. However, with a few well placed song choices tonight, the Top 3 were able to shine in a couple of tracks.

Download: American Idol – Top 3 – Season 11

The reviews:

Joshua Ledet – Imagine

This is nowhere near the version of David Archuleta in Season 7. Joshua is all over the place here. This could have used a bit more focus. This is a single not a live performance recording. He needs to learn the difference.

Rating: 3/5

Phillip Phillips – Disease

This is a good song choice for Phillip. This fit his voice and singing style. It’s just so sexy. A pleasant listen from beginning to end. It’s a track that could fit right in if he were to record an album.

Rating: 5/5

Jessica Sanchez – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

This didn’t do anything for me. It’s so plain, plain, plain. Poor song choice from her. It only proves yet again that she doesn’t have the “x” factor that differentiates herself from all the other singing-bots in the world. She needs to pick songs that fit her, and not just because a particular song is “big”.

Rating: 3/5

Download: American Idol – Top 3 – Season 11

Joshua Ledet – No More Drama

This is a great song choice for Joshua. It basically allows him to let go at the right places, he doesn’t even need to think about it. The song sings itself! Amazing! A bit too intense however to be on repeat. If he had a bit more self-control it would actually be perfect.

Rating: 4/5

Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight

Another great song choice for Phillip. The performance and recording of the season. It came at a perfect time. I’m so happy. This seemed so effortless. A perfect match of singer and song.

Rating: 5/5

Jessica Sanchez – I’ll Be There

Jessica seems to succeed at stripping out every ounce of emotion from any song that she sings. But what shocked me about this track is she didn’t dish out her signature belts ala Mariah Carey and played it safe with the melody. It looked like she followed the Michael Jackson version and then placed her runs at all the wrong places. Obviously no one is coaching her in the studio.

Rating: 3/5

Download: American Idol – Top 3 – Season 11

Joshua Ledet – I’d Rather Go Blind

This was a bit too over-over-sing for me. But it sounded like Josh was on a mission singing this, which I appreciate. He meant every word like he wrote the lyrics himself. I do really like this.

Rating: 4/5

Phillip Phillips – Beggin’

Well, the judges tried. On paper, this might have been something that could increase Phillip’s versatility a bit. But in practice, this was a disaster. Totally did not work on any level.

Rating: 0/5

Jessica Sanchez – My All

This is the perfect song choice if ever there was one — which Jessica unfortunately botched in her live performance. This is a great recording from her. Very pretty. This is the type of song she should be recording in the future! A slow ballad with some parts where she can belt. Her best recording of the season. Now this is a single.

Rating: 5/5

Download: American Idol – Top 3 – Season 11

I highly recommend “My All” by Jessica and “We’ve Got Tonight” by Phillip.

American Idol  Top 3  Season 11  iTunes Studio Recordings Review

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