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American Idol to copy The X Factor – Will reveal Vote Rankings every week

American Idol Season 12 plans to reveal the rankings of the contestants every week just like The X Factor last season. Nigel Lythgoe says that “he’s always wanted to do that on Idol for several years.”

It’s OK to copy Nigel! American Idol makes stars! STARS!!! I love this show! Rickey Minaj!!!

More details:

From USA Today:

Lythgoe says he likes the idea of not only revealing the contestant with the fewest votes each week but also ranking the singers by their vote totals, much like The X Factor has done. In fact, Lythgoe says, he has wanted to do that on Idol for several years.

“Now it looks like we’re going to be copying them,” he says. “I thought it was a good move from when we first came here. … We’ll still discuss it. I’m not sure how we’ll do it.”

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American Idol to copy The X Factor  Will reveal Vote Rankings every week

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Klope62 moderator

Yessss! :D


Here's the article from 2011 where he said AI would never do this: 

"Let's take [Season 4,] the Carrie Underwood season. Carrie Underwood won every single week," Lythgoe explained. "You show the vote, and the show is over. There's no jeopardy if you're watching somebody win every single week."

So yeahright, he ALWAYS wanted to do this...  He's so pathetic.

NickRoman1 moderator

I figured any show would want to avoid this, given how it sapped most, if not all, potential drama from this season of The X Factor. And it didn't even lead to the quirky voting patterns you might expect from knowing who was on top and who was on bottom going into each week.

I can appreciate wanting to do something different, but I don't think this will add anything to the new season, and could very well detract from it. I guess we'll see. Maybe it'll lead to an exciting list each week where different contestants are constantly moving around the board, and the top spots are always up for grabs. But I don't suspect that'll be the case at all. 


We'll finally know what the actual bottom 3 is


im not quite sure what to feel about this. 


He didn't say he *always* wanted to do this.  He said "several years". 

Rickey moderator

@NickRoman1 It will make our lives (covering the show, not the fans) so much easier! It's just another data point to add. Just like the iTunes rankings didn't matter that much in Season 2 and even added a bit of excitement in Season 3 (Cassadee was leading but the others caught up -- which was good).

Vino Alan was in the Top 3 for weeks then got eliminated -- anything can happen. Anything Can Happen. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!!


@IdleTimeNo, he said "“I thought it was a good move from when we first came here." As in, when they first brought the show to the US. The "several years" was the interviewer's summation. Regardless, the article was from April 2011- less than 3 years ago. 2 1/2 years is hardly "several" even assuming he changed his mind as soon as he gave the first interview.  The truth is, he clearly changed his mind as soon as X Factor started to do it!


Sorry to split hair but... what you quoted of him saying does not conclude that he meant he never wanted to do it.  He was defending the idea of not revealing vote totals every week pointing out Season 4 as an example.  Furthermore, we don't know how they're going to do it this year.  If they have a clear winner ala Underwood, I doubt that they'll reveal vote totals every week.  The way these shows operate is that producers put everything on the table and make decisions from there.  And I'm sure revealing vote totals is one of the many things that they would discuss over the years as many fans have demanded this.  It's not like X-Factor invented that idea.