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‘American Idol’: The two themes for next week are…



Top 7 Week is a thing of the past, as we look onward to the Top 6 performance show on American Idol Season 12. The fifth week of finals will offer two themes, hopefully spelling the end of duets, and the beginning of two solo performances. But you just never know with this season.

Via The Idol Pad:

For the fifth week of the finals, there are two themes – the Bacharach-David Songbook and Free Choice, billed as “Songs You Wish You Wrote”.

The songbook of Hal David and Burt Bacharach offers some classic possibilities, but I don’t really know that any of them are relevant to who any of these people are trying to be as artists…well, except for maybe Lazaro. Perhaps “Songs You Wish You Wrote” will bear greater fruit for everyone else.

That said, since we can’t make suggestions about what songs we think the Idols should wish they’d written, I’ll instead simply link to this list of 17 Bacharach-David songs — a list that is probably longer than the one the contestants are actually given to choose from.

Bacharch-David Songbook

So what should each contestant sing? Sound off in the comments!

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