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Live blogging the American Idol Results Show on March 1, 2007

It’s starting! This is American Idol!

Over 32 million votes in for this week.

Hey, this video recap sounds like my own recaps, haha.

Group song: Joy to the World


Okay that looked liked the American Idol Mickey Mouse Club or something


Phil… safe! Sligh… safe! Sundance… safe! Blake… safe! Jared… safe!

Nick Pedro eliminated!

Good job from Nick. That was a nice way to say goodbye. Sundance is crying!

Girls now…

Stephanie… safe! Gina… safe! Sabrina… safe! Melinda… safe!

Alaina Alexander eliminated!
Oh no, she’s going to sing!

She’s crying and totally messed up. The background singers are singing for her. LOL

Sundance is crying!

Something popped on stage and Paula’s sound went out, then its back…

Text ‘B’ to 51555

Kellie Pickler is on stage. Wow. I can’t believe I really like her now. It feels like an old friend coming back to visit. Kellie sings ‘I Wonder’.


That was nice. She was almost crying.

Boys again…

Chris R… safe! Brandon… safe! Sanjaya… safe!

A.J. Tabaldo is eliminated! Now wasn’t that a really sweet bonding moment between A.J. and Sanjaya?

A.J.: “I think he (Sanjaya) was great.”

Sundance is crying!!!


LaKisha… safe! Haley… safe! Antonella… safe! Jordin… safe!

Leslie Hunt is eliminated!

Sundance is crying!

They should have just let Leslie and A.J. sing a duet! Hahaha.

Leslie: “(singing) why did I decide to scat? America doesn’t care for jazz…” CUT!

Sundance Results


As promised, here are the direct MP3 links from yesterday:

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Sabrina Sloan — All the Man that I Need
Haley Scarnato — Queen of the Night
Leslie Hunt — Feeling Good
Stephanie Edwards — Dangerously in Love
Jordin Sparks — Reflection
Antonella Barba — Because You Love Me
Melinda Doolittle — My Funny Valentine
LaKisha Jones — Midnight Train to Georgia
Alaina Alexander — Not Ready to make Nice
Gina Glocksen — Alone

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