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‘American Idol’ preparing immediate launch for winner?

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

We’re less than a month away from the American Idol finale, with the final five girls vying for a spot at the Nokia to compete for a deal that will see them release an album at some point within the next year. Yet, if reports are to be believed, “within the next year” could be mere weeks after their victory.

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Since the finals began, the contestants have been secretly writing/co-writing and recording original songs in preparation for their album on a nearly daily basis (should they win or still receive a recording contract). Sometime near the end of the season, original songs will be performed by the then-remaining finalists. It is expected that the winner’s coronation single will be a song that she had a hand in writing. Unlike ever before, the winner’s debut album will be released soon after the finale, rather than many months later, to better capitalize on the potential of the television exposure and winning momentum. The winner will support their album by performing their own songs on the summer tour.

As a point of comparison, Phillip Phillips won last May and had his album released in November. This new deal could potentially cut that time into mere fractions. If the move works, this could change the way televised singing competitions support (and, let’s be honest, capitalize on) its winners and finalists from here on out. I love the idea, although I worry it could end up affecting future competitions by dividing a contestant’s attention between learning a song or two for that week’s show, and learning/writing a song for their potential album. But I feel it’s a fair enough trade, since American Idol contestants have always been pretty strapped for time anyway, between personal appearances, rehearsals, interviews and more. It’s to the point where being a contestant on one of these things is a full-time job, in and of itself. Let’s hope the pay raises to match the work.

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