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American Idol Bikini Girl arrested for DUI

See? This is life after (and during) American Idol: getting talked about on TMZ for bad things.

Katrina Darrell, the “bikini girl” from Season 8 was arrested for DUI this morning with her mother in the passenger’s seat, reports TMZ. She allegedly tried to flee the scene!

From TMZ:

Katrina Darrell — the chick who famously auditioned for “American Idol” in a bikini back in 2009 — was arrested this morning for DUI … TMZ has learned.

According to Pomona PD Sgt. Patrick O’Malley, the 24-year-old singer … also known as “Bikini Girl” … was arrested in Los Angeles at 12:16 AM … with her mother in the passenger seat.

Darrell allegedly told police she was en route to a nearby hospital … because her mom had fallen down at home.

But while Katrina was driving to the hospital, she allegedly ran a red light and smashed into another vehicle.

Darrell allegedly tried to flee the scene … but a nearby officer who heard the crash responded and pulled over Katrina’s 2004 Toyota Camry.

American Idol Bikini Girl arrested for DUI

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American Idol Bikini GirlDUI
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See.  Idol does make stars.  She's the best damn singer on her cell block.


@rickey I met her at a bar a couple years ago. She's so sweet.