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American Idol 9 L.A. Auditions Recap Roundup

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Here are the recaps from the Internet of the American Idol 9 Auditions in LA. (Watch this space for additional links when I find them.)

AI Auditions LA!!!! (Felicia Barton) – “…but then I think all of the aspiring actors came out for their 30 seconds of fame Jim Ranger, Jayson Wilson, Jesse Chang, and Marin Perez….bad singing….BAD acting!”

Katy Perry livens up L.A. (Joey Guerra) – “American Idol, I’ve got one thing to say to you. HIRE KATY PERRY.”

‘American Idol’ Los Angeles auditions: Going for joke! (Michael Slezak) – “Katy Perry bordered on vicious when facing off with Kara The Terrible.”

American Idol Season 9 – Los Angeles Auditions (MJ Santilli) – “Avril Lavigne judges the first day. She’s wearing a hoodie with devil horns. No, seriously. What’s up with that?”

Los Angeles Auditions Recap – “Please Stop, I’ll Have to Throw My Coke in Your Face” (Vote for the Worst) – “Avril Lavigne proved pretty useless except that I laughed at her devil horn hoodie, but Katy Perry brought enough Worster spirit in large quantities that the episode was saved.”

Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne Sit In On Tame ‘American Idol’ L.A. Auditions (Jim Cantiello) – “Perry gets snippy with Kara DioGuardi, which was one of the only interesting things about Tuesday’s show.”

This isn’t a Lifetime Movie — Oh no, it’s worse: AI9 Los Angeles Auditions (TopIdol) – “OMG. Katy Perry, you are my new favorite person. And Chris Golightly, you may be one of the biggest pieces of frau meat I have ever laid eyes on.”

‘American Idol’ Goes For The Gold (Maura Johnston) – “… Not to mention fake-edgy female singers who have used their irritating personas to mask the fact that their voices aren’t exactly Whitney/Celine caliber — by which I mean Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry …”

Katy fought a girl and I liked it (NY Post PopWrap) – “When seven minutes of your show is dedicated to a single sweaty, helmet-hair, creep-tastic singer, it’s pretty obvious where “Idol’s” true intentions lie.”

Bonus clip of Ashley Ferl, the crying girl:

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But I love the show when it's falling apart :D It's like they don't care to hide it any more, because they figure the people who will catch this stuff are smart enough to know it's a game anyway, and the true believers won't catch it because they are dumb and wearing blinders, so it doesn't matter. They buy the con hook line and sinker.


@kassandra But I love this show! I actually die a little inside when I read things like that.


Yeah, it's funny that they still used the footage of Neil with different hair lengths. They do that all the time, and have them wear the same clothes each time then edit it together, usually to make who they want to look bad worse, and who they want to make look good better. A lot of auditioners even say they make them sing another song that they then splice multiple people singing together, remeber those segments? They are not even shown singing their audition song.

Katy Perry made me hate her a little less by saying she wanted to throw her Coke in Kara's face. The whole show was a farce, worst one yet this year.


Did somebody put something in the 2 guest judges Cokes? I just wanted to pull that cow hoody right down over Avril's face. And, Katy, dear--just about any half way decent singer with a nice figure-- given the same production budget --could do what it is you do. The 2 gals were dreadful last night. They both should be ashamed.

It was the worst hour Idol ever did. The only thing I enjoyed was the Walmart commercial featuring the clown.


Rickey, Ashley is on twitter:

You may try to contact her if you want and invite her to post. She said that she didn't even think they knew who she was when she auditioned at the cattle call before they do the real producers step and then the three/four stooges. There was a news crew outside, and I believe an entertainment program's crew outside as well who recognized her. I think they dropped the ball there and may have just lucked out because they tape everyone leaving, or the outside crew knew more than the inside?