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American Idol 2014 – Who’s Going Home? – Poll

Who’s going home on American Idol XIII 2014 Top 13? Who’s your favorite? Take the poll!

My favorites tonight are: Sam Woolf, Alex Preston, Jena Irene Asciutto, Jessica Meuse, Caleb Johnson and MK Nobilette.

I think that Kristen O’Connor, Malaya Watson, Dexter Roberts and CJ Harris are in trouble.

However, the change in voting this season should alter voting trends of the past so it will be interesting to see how the votes get distributed. Contestants with solid fanbases will always have a solid block vote every night no matter what they sing.

So who’s going home? Who’s your favorite? Take the poll!

American Idol 2014 - Who's Going Home - Poll

Who’s your favorite?

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Who’s going home?

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