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American Idol 2014 – Who’s Going Home? – Poll

Who’s going home on American Idol XIII 2014 Top 13? Who’s your favorite? Take the poll!

My favorites tonight are: Sam Woolf, Alex Preston, Jena Irene Asciutto, Jessica Meuse, Caleb Johnson and MK Nobilette.

I think that Kristen O’Connor, Malaya Watson, Dexter Roberts and CJ Harris are in trouble.

However, the change in voting this season should alter voting trends of the past so it will be interesting to see how the votes get distributed. Contestants with solid fanbases will always have a solid block vote every night no matter what they sing.

So who’s going home? Who’s your favorite? Take the poll!

American Idol 2014 - Who's Going Home - Poll

Who’s your favorite?

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Who’s going home?

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Uhhh....I'm so confused with the new site.  I don't know how to comment on the other post. lols


They only picked Malaya because of personality and of course it's the reason America voted her in.  She's very goofy and her enunciation is annoying.  Her vocals just plain sucks!  As for boring Kristen, they have other singers they could have chosen for wildcard with more personality and charisma on stage, more creative and better singers.  

The 1st hour of the show was a series of bad singing but the real singers came in the 2nd hour.


Not a fan of the redesign... too busy and all over the place.

Rickey moderator

Can I comment?


I'm finally on board with a white guy with a guitar. Alex Preston was fantastic. Majesty Rose came right up behind him, followed in a the vastly distant horizon by all the others. Malaya was so far behind that as Alex and Majesty lapped her, she smiled happily through her braces thinking she was in first. 


Wow.....initial auditions blew me away.....thought Idol was gonna be huge this disappointed! The guys look like hillbillies pulled out of a pie eating contest (Sam excluded).....most of the girls are super annoying (exception. Jessica)........back to plan B........The Voice......big mistake getting rid of. SPENCER.....major eye candy


Look whose back :)...just popping in briefly....been trying to catch up on the shows....been extremely disappointed in the choices made by the judges this year....never in all the seasons of the show have I seen so many great contestants rejected in favour of mediocre forgettable ones....there are only 2 standouts in the whole top 13...Sam and MK....the rest are all for the most part completely forgettable....Nigel may be gone but it seems the producers have sucked the life out the show by choosing to skip the back stories....I feel no connection to any of them. 


If I were to rank from top to bottom right now they would be:

13. Kristen

12. Dexter (but I think he is going home)

11. CJ - He has been fading each week

10. Malaya - Likeable but in over her head

9. Emily - Rebounded from last week but in over her head as well

 8. MK - Lack of personality wrecks promise

 7. Jessica  - see MK

 6. Caleb - Not sure how the rocker vibe is going to over with the audiences but a dynamic performance tonight.

 5. Jena - Didn't like this weeks song but so much promise.

 4. Sam - Has everything going for him. Maybe too perfect at times. Young girls love him.

 3. Ben - Does country proud

 2. Alex - Perhaps the best overall musician, but not the best overall performer.

 1. Majesty -hers to lose until something drastic happens. She is infectious


The Google voting and Supervote is awesome!  Bam I got 100 votes in mere seconds.  Never have to pick up a phone again. lols   :)

I think CJ, Kristen, Malaya and Dexter are in trouble.  However Dexter has people I think? So it's either Kristen or CJ going. I hope CJ is safe. I want him to make the tour if there is one this year.   


@Rickey  Yes you can! ;) I LOVE the site redesign and the new Rickey logo! My favs from last night were Alex, Caleb, Jessica, & Majesty. Bottom 3 prediction: Malaya, Dexter and Kristen (sorry Kristen fans)


@ArchieSue CJ's the only one of my favorites I"m worried about, but Dexter and Kristen were both pretty weak as well.

NickRoman1 moderator

@RealityDude It's outta my control. It's just some silly bug related to the redesign maybe. I have no idea. Anyway, we're back now! Head on over to the live blog!