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American Idol 2014 Top 10 Elimination Prediction

You may have noticed a new feature appearing on here called BuzzDial.

It’s the newest way to give and gauge your reaction to your fave shows like American Idol. A lot of you have joined us in tapping away on the dial; letting us know who you’re loving, who needs to step up their game and of course which judge we are loving best.

Here’s a recap of what went down last night:

Proving he’s the hardest working man in Hollywood with his bajillions of jobs, Ryan kicked off the show by inviting the contestants in for some early morning radio on his show. Ry knows his top 100 music so it was pertinent that this week’s theme was Post 2011 Music. You guys seemed to love that as the dial shot on up to positive.

The clapping or rather tapping continued as MK began her rendition of Pink’s “Perfect”. Unfortunately a few botched lyrics at the end made it a little less than, and you guys certainly noticed, the dial making a wild swing toward the negative. Harry who seems to be reveling in his role as mean judge said that if MK can’t match or better Pink’s rendition, she shouldn’t bother. Hard to argue with that logic!

Our American Idol dial isn’t just about the performances, you guys were reacting to all our judges as well. Harry and Keith’s impersonations of each had you all tapping away. They were pretty good, although Harry might need to throw in a few G’Days and Crikey’s to really nail it.

Despite a few off-note performances notably CJ and Majesty who spent a fair amount of time on the negative side of the dial; you guys reacted pretty positively to last night’s show. Over two-thirds of the total buzzes were positive so I guess you guys are still really liking the show!

The Directioners and Alex Preston fans were out in force, giving Alex’s performance of “Story of my Life” a resounding whack to the positive. J-Lo who seemed to be having a better week than ever shared your sentiment saying that Alex evoked greatness. Let’s hope he makes it through to next week to show us even more brilliance.

Shunning all predictability was Malaya who made the surprising song choice of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. There was a little hesitancy that we might have another Keith London situation but after intital wobbles of doubt on the dial, there was an overwhelming agreement that she was a star.

So who’s going home today? Based on your reactions on our dial it looks like the bottom three could be


C.J Harris, M.K Nobilette and Majesty Rose.

Don’t agree? Join our dial during the elimination show at 8pm to react LIVE as Ryan announces who’s safe and who is headed home. It’s simple to join in, Tap + if you agree with what’s happening, Tap – if you don’t. Spot you there!

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