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American Idol 2014 Recap – Top 11 Performances

The American Idol XIII 2014 Top 11 take on songs from the movies! Someone is singing “Let It Go” — that’s going to be epic!

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American Idol 2014 Top 11

American Idol 2014 – Recap – Top 11

Theme: “Songs from the Cinema”

There’s so much talent this year — perhaps the most talented Top 11 American Idol has ever had — I’m having a hard time picking a favorite!

Who do I choose and vote for? I don’t know!

Tonight is an important night: The Top 10 will go on tour — so one person will have their dreams crushed on Thursday.

Jennifer Lopez in a neon pink outfit!

Harry Connick Jr,’s catch-phrase this season: “You have to be in it to win it.” (LOL)

American Idol Judges Top 11

Song Spoilers

Come Together
Sound of Silence
Can’t You See
Sweet Home Alabama
Bennie and the Jets
Let It Go
To Me You Feel My Love
Falling Slowly
I’m Changing


Contestant Song Voting Number
Sam Woolf Come Together 1-855-4-IDOL-12
Sam goes out of his comfort zone with this one. He looks like a boyband member without his guitar. Afterwards, Ryan Seacrest offered to teach how to do the Nae Nae.
Jessica Meuse Sound of Silence 1-855-4-IDOL-10
The band was off! But Jessica somehow pulled it together.
CJ Harris Can’t You See 1-855-4-IDOL-05
CJ completely nailed this! His best performance in the live shows to date. Looks like a great debut for his new guitar. I’m very happy.
Dexter Roberts Sweet Home Alabama 1-855-4-IDOL-01
Very safe performance. I wasn’t impressed like last week. Judges thought he should bring something unique to the cover.
Ben Briley Bennie and the Jets 1-855-4-IDOL-04
Ben got the harshest comments from the judges tonight so far. But I thought he looked good in his green jacket. Go deviled eggs!
Majesty Rose Let It Go 1-855-4-IDOL-07
This was so awful. Poor song choice for her. Bad delivery. I felt so bad while she was singing. The audience were shocked at how bad it was!
Caleb Johnson Skyfall 1-855-4-IDOL-13
I didn’t like this. But it seemed everyone else did. He missed all the high notes but apparently that didn’t matter.
MK Nobilette To Me You Feel My Love 1-855-4-IDOL-06
MK still needs to work on her performance. She’s so stiff. I normally wouldn’t mind but she was out of tune which bothered me. The judges think she is a star.
Alex Preston Falling Slowly 1-855-4-IDOL-09
Perfect song choice and a perfect delivery. The best of the night for me. Go Alex!
Jena Irene Decode 1-855-4-IDOL-08
Jena nailed it! I thought this was her best. She was on point from the very beginning. Plus she played the piano. I love it!
Malaya Watson I Am Changing 1-855-4-IDOL-02
Malaya held it together. This was one of her better performances. Sang all the notes at the right places. Good job.

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Honestly, Randy Jackson shouldn’t be on the show anymore if they have nothing else for him to do but hold Malaya’s tuba. So embarrassing. Dude, know when to quit. Have some dignity.

American Idol 2014 Top 11 - Who's Going Home

American Idol 2014 Top 11 – Who’s Going Home

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