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American Idol 2014 – Live Blog and Recap – Top 13 Results – Video

Welcome to the live blog and recap of American Idol XIII, “Top 13 Results”! Which singer will be the first one eliminated from the competition? readers predict that tonight’s bottom 3 will be Dexter Roberts, Kristen O’Connor, and Malaya Watson! Of the bottom three on our poll, it’s looking like the end of the road for Kristen O’Connor, who is predicted to be eliminated by a whopping 30.71% of those who voted. Second is Dexter with 29.94%, and third is Malaya with 14.25%. However, CJ Harris is nipping at Malaya’s heels, with 13.88% predicting he’ll be in danger tonight. It’s a tight race to stay out of the bottom 3 tonight! It’s not too late to vote in the poll, so head on over and add your prediction!

American Idol 2014 – Live Blog and Recap – Top 13 Results – Video

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-We kick things off with an incredibly awkward opening medley from the Top 13 that mashes up “Counting Stars” with “Radioactive”, instead of just having the Top 13 sing “Counting Stars” since we apparently haven’t heard “Radioactive” enough for one lifetime, much less for this season. Seriously, I wanted to like this so badly, but it just sounded like none of the contestants could hear themselves. The sound engineering on this show is falling to The Voice live show levels.

-We then get a post-show video from last night in which the contestants joke around with one another. All the girls pick on Sam for being a heartthrob, while the adults then get into a humble-brag competition at dinner over the celebs that tweeted them. Majesty Rose was tweeted by Janelle Monae, and you’d best believe I’d be humble-bragging about that too.

Results, pt. 1

-Ryan brings out Alex, Malaya, Ben, and Jena, and then throws to a video package in which Randy discusses each contestant’s performance. It all basically boils down to “It wasn’t perfect, but I like this contestant a lot.” Randy, earning that paycheck.

-Ryan then gets to the results, revealing that one of the four is in the bottom 3…

BEN BRILEY is safe!


JENA IRENE is safe!

MALAYA WATSON is in the bottom 3!

-Ryan asks J-Lo for her thoughts, and she’s super disappointed to see Malaya in the bottom 3, since she knows how good Malaya is. “She deserves to be here,” Jennifer says. However, Malaya seems to have made peace with her placement, saying that she watched back her performance after the show and didn’t really like it. This was probably the right call by America, although I’d be stunned if she was actually in any real danger of going home.

Candice Glover

-After we return from break, we get a brief, silly video of five facts from Keith, and it’s pretty amusing in itself, although what follows is infinitely more entertaining: it’s Candice Glover performing a medley of songs from her album: “Cried” and “Same Kinda Man”. Not that I needed to be reminded what a great singer Candice is, but holy HELL, can that woman sing. I could have done without the weird porno-jam breakdown in the middle, but otherwise, it’s a great single. She just looks like such a natural on that stage. With that said, whatever happened to that album special FOX was supposed to air, promoting her new album? Strange.

-We then follow up Candice’s performance with a Five Facts video from Harry, and I love the Adam/Blake-like bromance developing between these two, as Harry jokes that he’s never seen Keith naked, but he’d like to see him naked. And I believe him.

Results, pt. 2

-More results, but not before we get insight from Randy. MK is blossoming as a performer onstage, Dexter is still working to make songs his own, Sam is shy, and Majesty has energy and skill, among other talents. I’ll be stunned if Dexter doesn’t land in the Bottom 3. Seriously.



SAM WOOLF is safe!

MK NOBILETTE is in the bottom 3!

-WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO!!! This is just ridiculous! I mean, I know how Dexter got through, since he’s a country singer. But I mean…ugh. I would just hate to lose MK or Malaya this early while Dexter — who is a lovable guy, but far from the best singer in the competition — sticks around. Granted, MK didn’t have the best performance in the world, but she has loads more potential. LOADS.

Jake Bugg

-Back from break, we get a flashback to city auditions, in which Keith recommended Harry and J-Lo check out the music of Jake Bugg. This leads to Keith talking, in the studio, about how much he loves Jake Bugg, and how badly he wishes he could have seen him the last time they were in the same town, playing gigs at the same time. Ah well, he’s here now.

-He sings his song “Me and You,” and he sounds like a cross between Passenger and The Lumineers. I really dig it, this song in particular. It has a driving melody with percussion as steady as train moving along the tracks. I was really impressed by this, although I’m not exactly expecting him to be the next big thing or anything. But being The Next Big Thing is overrated anyway, since I imagine some people would still like to be able to go to the cafe for a coffee without being hounded.

-Keith says the performance was killer, and sends a shout-out to Rick Ruben for producing Jake’s album, which he loves. So yeah, I imagine Keith just doodled on his notes on the desk, drawing hearts around the name “Jake Bugg”.

-Back from break with J-Lo doing the Five Facts, and basically admitting these are all things they already know about her (her kids are her life, she’s a workaholic, she eats one chocolate chip cookie a day). We then return to the studio where Harry forces Ryan to do the Five Facts, and it’s a fun, spontaneous little moment, even if it just involves Ryan aping Harry’s answer about having never seen Keith naked. This is a really likable panel, far more so than in recent years. Love it.

Results, pt. 3

-Recaps of performances: Randy feels CJ is inconsistent due to nerves; he feels Kristen might not have totally sold the emotion behind her song choice; he loved Caleb’s classic rocker performance; he thought Jessica commands attention from the start; he thinks Emily’s song choice was a tough one to deliver, and then takes umbrage with Keith’s “yin and yang” critique. This was Randy at his most informative, actually, as he was shown working with the contestants and directing them in how to work the camera. Interesting stuff.

-Ryan doesn’t bother wasting time by sending them back to safety one-by-one. He just reveals the result…

KRISTEN O’CONNOR is in the Bottom 3!

-Harry is shocked that this is the Bottom 3, and…really, Harry? You’re surprised about Kristen?

Results, pt. 4

-We’re back with Ryan asking about the Judges’ Save, and it’s a topic they don’t even seem to want to contemplate yet. So he gets to the results…


-He asks Kristen and Malaya what they’d do differently if they got to come back, but I think we know where this is headed…

KRISTEN O’CONNOR received the fewest number of votes!

-Before Kristen sings for the Save, Ryan mentions that pictures from people who supported her on Facebook from around the country will appear on the screen during her performance, which is actually less tacky than it sounds. I mean, it’s still tacky as hell, but it’s not exactly embarrassing or anything.

-Kristen sings “Turning Tables” by Adele, and it’s a damn good vocal, but in no way does this girl require saving. Much like with the decision to give her a wildcard, they’d only be buying her one extra week.

-Harry takes forever to announce the judges’ decision, saying that the decision must be unanimous. And in this case, it wasn’t.

KRISTEN O’CONNOR is eliminated from American Idol 2014!

-Then, in a surprisingly genius touch, in my opinion, we get her farewell video set to her own version of “Breakaway” from Kelly Clarkson. Apparently, the contestants will record their own elimination songs this season. That’s so terrific that I can’t believe no one’s ever thought of it before. After her video airs, her portrait is dimmed from the Idol roster above, in a touch that reminds me of the falling banners from America’s Best Dance Crew. Ryan asks what she’ll talk away from the journey, and she can barely get any words out, from how the remaining 12 singers just envelope her in hugs and consolations.

-So next week’s theme is “Home,” and I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. Songs that remind you of home? Songs with “Home” in the title? Songs about a “Home” or possibly a little house, perhaps on a prairie somewhere? I guess we’ll find out next week. Until then, what did you think of the results? Was this the right bottom 3? Did the right singer go home? Sound off in the comments!

As usual, I’ll be posting videos as soon as they become available! Thanks for hanging out tonight, guys! I love every minute of it, even when the show is kind of mediocre. Comment threads make the world go round.


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