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American Idol 12 – Video Preview – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Here’s a very touching preview of American Idol Season 12. Does anyone know who this guy is? I am so excited for his singing!

I love American Idol!

Watch the video here:

American Idol 12  Video Preview

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American Idol American Idol 12Video

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thank god....the real deal is back.....i didnt even bother watch those awful knock off shows the voice and the dreadfully awful x factor....this is still the only show that produces legitimate pop stars.....and no one can deny that fact


This guy is Lazaro Arbos.  He is not faking it. And he can sing to.  His stuttering has been documented, some Florida newspaper article about him receiving the "speech easy" device to help his stuttering.  Oh, and come from Cuba in 2002 through visa lottery.  Just google his name, you can the article if you want to read it.  There 

There's a site from somewhere that has video of him singing.  The site is not in English so I can't read it, but I did find his name and watched his video.  He sang Imagine, pretty good.

rank outsider
rank outsider

I'm so behind on all this karaoke reality TV rubbish... but I just saw the spoiler list at frau central, and one of the girls names is Brandy Hotard... I'm not kidding :D HAHAHAHAHA

Klope62 moderator

Got dang it, I'm gonna cry all over that scene. ---I hope he isn't faking.


o m g i cant wait for idol! just 1 month more!!!


Can't wait for IDOL! Puts X-Factor to shame!

ArchieSue sweet! CAN'T WAIT FOR IDOL!!! So excited!